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The postponement of the 1Malaysia NKRA concept will overshadow the public exhibition of the six NKRA initiatives tomorrow

Malaysian Insider reports that the Cabinet has failed to reach a consensus on the National Key Results Area (NKRA) initiatives for 1Malaysia to implement racial unity and national integration proposals, resulting in the postponement of the public preview of the 1Malaysia initiative which has been scheduled for the next two days along with the display of the six other NKRA programmes.

Because of the failure of reach a consensus at the special Cabinet retreat on Sunday, the only element that will be on display will be the general framework of the 1Malaysia concept.

As it is, the Cabinet’s irresolution and indecisive action over the divisive, racist and seditious Biro Tata Negara (BTN) indoctrination course would have overshadowed the public exhibition of the seven NKRA initiatives tomorrow.

The postponement of the 1Malaysia initiative in the public presentation of Najib’s 1Malaysia concept and the other six NKRAs will have the effect of being thunderous in its absence, raising in a most fundamental manner questions of whether Najib’s 1Malaysia concept and slogan really means anything serious or different to the people apart from publicity and propaganda.
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Malaysia current ills and future solution?

By Michael Yeo

There are reports of mass migration of Malaysian to overseas, and the Malaysian per capita income is decreasing. The country economy lacks foreign investments due to incorrect policies taken in 1989. The Asian Tigers – Thailand, China, Taiwan, S Korea, Japan, and Vietnam is all vying for foreign investments and aggressively pursuing value-added export market. With the potential oil production in Cambodia from 2011 (estimated), Malaysia will be relegated to the bottom in the ladder. Globalisation does not discriminate against any nation, but they will shy away from countries where her Governments have acted against the flow of capital. The oil asset is fast dwindling in Malaysia.

Malaysia is going backward; this is not a surprised as bad policies in educations, corruptions, cronyism, political systems that give rise to self imposed racism are all present in this dysfunctional state. Let me elaborate:

Present political divides
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