RCI to conduct no-holds-barred probe into RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal to unearth all abuses of power and cbt even at Cabinet level

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the Cabinet will discuss the ramifications of the RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal on Wednesday and decide on the next course of action on the PKFZ “mother of all scandals”.

Yesterday, Najib was briefed by the Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat, the PKFZ Task Force headed by its chairman, lawyer Vinayak Pradhan and the police on the PKFZ scandal.

Firstly, why was the police at the briefing. Secondly, why wasn’t the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) involved in the briefing, although various reports of financial improprieties had been lodged as far back three years ago if the Najib administration is serious about wanting to uphold integrity and good governance?

Although there is now finally admission that the PKFZ scandal is not only a “can of worms” but a “swamp of crocodiles”, the whole story of the “mother of all scandals” have yet to be unearthed.

For instance, from the comments of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman Datuk Seri Azmi Khalid on its inquiry into the PKFZ scandal, it would appear that the PAC is leaning towards putting the blame of the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal purely on the Port Klang Authority (PKA) level, in particular the former PKA chief executive officer Datin Paduka O.C.Phang for “very weak” management but is not prepared to probe to a higher level to ascertain the extent of ministerial or Cabinet responsibility.

It may be understandable why Azmi does not want the PAC to probe into the degree of ministerial and Cabinet culpability for the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal as he was himself a member of the former Cabinet which took the decision in July 2007 on a RM4.6 billion bail-out of he PKFZ scandal by giving retrospective approval for the four illegal Letters of Support unlawfully issued by the two former Transport Ministers, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik and Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy which had landed the government and the country in the “mother of all scandals”.

However, this can be no excuse why a full and comprehensive probe into the PKFZ scandal should stop at the level of the PKA and that of the PKFZ turnkey contractor,Kuala Dimensi Sdn. Bhd (KDSB) and not go higher to ministerial and Cabinet levels.

This is the reason why I had objected to Azmi chairing the PAC probe into the PKFZ scandal as there is a clear case of conflict-of-interest in his former role as Minister involved in the Cabinet decision in July 2007 on the RM4.6 billion bailout of the PKFZ and his current role as the PAC Chairman heading the inquiry into the PKFZ scandal.

What is needed is a no-holds-barred inquiry into the RM12.5 billion PKFZ scandal to unearth all the abuses of power and criminal breach of trust not just at the PKA and PKFZ levels but all the way to Ministerial and Cabinet stages right from the beginning of the sorry saga of the PKFZ scandal a decade ago when the PKFZ proposal was first mooted with Liong Sik as the Transport Minister under the premiership of Tun Dr. Mahathir.

This can only be done by a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the PKFZ scandal and this is one of the decisions which the Cabinet should take on Wednesday.

  1. #1 by SENGLANG on Sunday, 6 September 2009 - 12:11 pm

    Please never take this oc phang seriously. she was a compulsive liar. Any one believe in her that she did not know what is cash flow projection?

    As I say it before and wish to say it one more time. PKFZ is not a business project it was just a convenient scheme to milked the tax payers moneys to feed the political croc of BN. It was therefore no surprise it was totally disregard what what a business should be conducted.

    As such, what the point of talking cash flow and any other duties & responsibilities, it was clear from the very beginning to suck the tax payers moneys so why should rules being follow?

    What happen next was not more important to the tax payers as all the moneys has gone and it only serve to remind the people that BN will do the maximum harm to the people as they have all the power to do so.

    Look at now, even the OTK is seem serious about it, but he is not getting full support even from his own parties, simply it was MCA who was heavily involved and was a big stake holder.

    So what else can be done> It any thing need to be done it should be done long time ago.

    Look at why no action from ACA then despite reports and reports being lodged. Look at the write up by Nades in the Sun paper. ACA has no eye see/

    We have to contented now that nothing will be done and it is as good as gone in the wind.

    Please take this seriously and it is only can bring change if there is a change of government.

    Dear folks, Japan has changes it government. And it is time for us now.

    PR better consolidated and provide us a venue for the change we needed.

  2. #2 by monsterballssgoh on Sunday, 6 September 2009 - 12:33 pm

    Lim Kit Siang is sharp and ever so alert.
    Read his post and enjoy Najib’s interest in the PKFZ scandal.
    With lawyers and MACC top guys in the meeting…it is more a plan how to defend the crooks…more than to expose and put them into jail.
    Usually CEO will call his assistants to discuss matters….confidentially and privately…with no lawyers or gangsters in the meeting,.unless…there are so many things to hide..protecting big time crooks from BN.
    Maybe a plan..how to find suckers…fall guys to cover up. MCA is too important for UMNO..to be so divided.
    Maybe advising Ong Tee Kiat to resign and admit RM10 million taken and go to jail…with RM50 million guaranteed by Najib? Who knows!! He is capable to do anything cynical and evil.
    Bet you the meeting is not about….protecting tax payers..but UMNO and MCA only.

  3. #3 by yhsiew on Sunday, 6 September 2009 - 3:57 pm

    This can only be done by a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the PKFZ scandal……(Kit)

    If Najib and his Cabinet would call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the PKFZ scandal then the moon will fall from the sky!

  4. #4 by limkamput on Sunday, 6 September 2009 - 4:04 pm

    The CEO of Port Kelang Authority who did not know what cash flow was all about. Now, may I ask who appointed her? And why she accepted the post when she did not even know the basics of financial management. If we look around many government agencies today, I am sure there are many other CEOs who are like this PKA CEO. They are politicians first and technocrats last. Essentially good for nothing pen pushers sitting there just to be postmen and enjoy the perks. May be it is time to ask her to refund all the salaries and perks she has received since she not only contributed nothing but has helped to create fiasco and disaster to government finance. I think it is time to institute such a policy; otherwise there will be no end to all the incompetency and milk sucking mentality.

    But this whole PKFZ is not just about incompetency. Like what has been said many times over, just follow the damn money. It is not just the letters of support issued by MCA ministers. Those are useless. We should ask why the letters of guarantee were issued. Who processed, who recommended, who authorized and who approved. MCA ministers (after Tun Tan) did not and do not have such power. I think along the way, many got to enjoy the goodies, trust me.

    Then we have the variation orders – how many of them, how much in total, who recommended, who processed, who authorized, who approved and who paid.

    It is a simple job lah, if we really want to find out the truth. Tak perlu PAC atau RCI pun. But if the objective is to find out the “truth” they wanted, then certainly is a different matter altogether. That one we need the expertise of this resident hypocrite and his sidekick.

  5. #5 by gofortruth on Sunday, 6 September 2009 - 4:53 pm

    OTK had met Najib and the later said that ‘the matter’ will be tabled in the next cabinet meeting to sort action. One can’t help but smells it coming that ‘the matter’ will soon be taken out of the hand of MCA & the Federal government’s ‘carpet sweepers aka MACC & IGP’ will come in for further & further & further ……. investigations. Watchout for a call of a “Lingkam commission”.

  6. #6 by ktteokt on Sunday, 6 September 2009 - 10:14 pm

    The sh*t was beginning to pour out when there was a sudden call to stop it!

  7. #7 by saya cintakan cow on Monday, 7 September 2009 - 12:18 am

    Same old story .. start off with RCI everybody excited and keep track then…. slowly zzzzzz NFA. Too many ` big shot ‘ involved somehow or rather jokers will make sure this case will disappear in thin air. Malaysian have short memory.

  8. #8 by taiking on Monday, 7 September 2009 - 9:55 am

    Oh dear me. A disbarred lawyer was fielded to stand for by-election. Fortunately, electorates were more discerning and not as stupid as umno made them out to be. A simpleton (perhaps very stupid? or even mildly retarded?) woman was chosen to serve as gm of pka. The disbarred lawyer was uncovered and of course rejected. But the question is how many more of such unqualified people do umno have who are now actively “serving” (oh dear we are pharked real good man!) the country? Is it any wonder therefore after 50 yrs of “unprecedented growth” (umno’s favourite word) we are now on par with some african nation?

  9. #9 by Joshua on Monday, 7 September 2009 - 12:21 pm

    PKFZ scandal is a tip of the iceberg when my 30 Police Reports are worth RM30 trillions – past , present and future.

    So RCIs for all those scandals including PKFZ.

    Boomerang for BN or Be eNd.

    pw: Giftside tour

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