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Musa Hassan on a personal vendetta binge – is he offering the “heads” of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders from PKR, PAS and DAP in exchange for another renewal as IGP in September?

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan is really on a personal vendetta binge.

He returned from Singapore yesterday where he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his outstanding contribution in fostering excellent ties and co-operation between Malaysian police and the republic’s police force to declare that top Pakatan Rakyat leaders from PKR, PAS and DAP would be charged and prosecuted for masterminding last Saturday’s peaceful gathering by tens of thousands of people calling for the abolition of the Internal Security Act.

Musa has come to the conclusion and he makes no bones about it in public that the Pakatan Rakyat leaders from PKR, PAS and DAP namely Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang and I are the “masterminds” of Saturday’s gathering and that we had committed criminal offences for which we would be prosecuted and punished – rolling into one in himself the three roles of Inspector-General of Police, Attorney-General and Chief Justice!

If further evidence is needed, Musa has provided the latest testimony of the personal vendetta he is waging against me and other Pakatan Rakyat leaders like Parliamentary Opposition Leader and PKR chief, Anwar Ibrahim and PAS President, Hadi Awang for the Parliamentary Roundtable which Pakatan Rakyat convened last week.
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Teoh Beng Hock inquest begins

Updates from
Inquest adj till tmr
08/05/2009 01:36 PM

Lawyers 4TBH need time 2bring their experts
08/05/2009 01:18 PM

Site visit on friday Coroner decides 2finish last early witness Rahman security officer Plaza n adjourn 4tmr 4expert testimony
08/05/2009 01:15 PM

Lunch break 4 inquest. 1 more early witness left 4 prosecution b4 going into expert evidence chemist pathology
08/05/2009 01:10 PM

Gobind crossexamines witness. Wan Rosli fumbles in answers abt early-hr MACC comings n goings at @ PlazaM. Does not verify MACC ppl.
08/05/2009 12:59 PM
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PDRM instrument of their political masters

By Hussein Hamid

I will not refer to the Police as PDRM – it is an affront to our Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong to do so. There is nothing Royal about the Police.

PDRM is an instrument of the state. PDRM takes instructions from their political masters and what they do reflects the instructions given to them by their political masters who are the legitimate authority of our country (at least for the time being).

But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let us back up a bit.

Have you not seen a mata mata jump to attention when an Inspector comes into his peripheral vision? What about the Inspector jumping to attention when an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) casually walks by? Then you go past the Superintendent grade. When the mata-mata is privileged (and I use this term loosely…very very loosely!!) enough to come into the same rarified air as a Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police you will see him stand rooted to the spot standing at attention…not daring to breath, eyes front and just wishing that the earth would swallow him for having the nerve to be born on the same planet as the SAC in front of him….get my drift?
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Why do Malaysians march?

By Yeo Yang Poh

WHY march, when the government has said that it will review the Internal Security Act? Why march, when there are other very cosy ways of giving your views and feedback?

One would understand if these were questions posed by nine-year-olds. But they are not. They are questions posed by the prime minister of this nation we call our home. Answer we must. So, why?

Because thousands who died while in detention cannot march or speak any more. That is why others have to do it for them.

Because persons in the corridors of power, persons who have amassed tremendous wealth and live in mansions, and persons who are in the position to right wrongs but won’t, continue to rule our nation with suffocating might. And they certainly would not march. They would prevent others from marching.

Because the have-nots, the sidelined, the oppressed, the discriminated and the persecuted have no effective line to the powerful.

Because the nice ways have been tried ad nauseam for decades, but have fallen on deaf ears.
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Ipoh City Council , do not intimidate the people!

By Augustine Anthony; Chairman, Ipoh City Watch

The City of Ipoh has an approximate population of 710,000 people. Not all are well versed with legal principles to scrutinize and understand news report that may send panic and jittery feelings amongst the residents, especially if such news report touches on legal issues.

It is for this reason that those who are in positions of authority, when called upon to make an announcement in public or when called upon to give a press statement, exercise great care to prevent anxiety and anger amongst the residents.

Take for example the recent news report that appeared in the Star newspaper on 03.08.2009 under caption “Door to door collection” in which, the said news was carried in the following fashion:-

“Ipoh city folks who have defaulted in their assessment payments should not be surprised if they receive knocks on their doors from Ipoh City Council enforcement officers. Datuk Bandar Datuk Roshidi Hashim said the council had sent out enforcement teams to demand payment from defaulters.”

Read the full Star Online report here

If indeed the Mayor had said this as reported in the news paper, then one possessed with some legal knowledge would think of it as an irresponsible comment that is likely to send wrong signal to the public.
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