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Even an acting OCPD has become the victim of crime!

Imagine – even an acting OCPD has become the victim of crime!

In the past, former top police and government officers had been victims of crime, including a former Inspector-General of Police and a state Governor – with the former Penang Chief Police Officer killed in a burglary.

Now, for the first time, a serving Police district chief has become a serious victim of crime.

Is this enough to be a final wake-up call to the Prime Minister, the Home Minister and the Inspector-General of Police to break away from their terminal denial complexes to admit that time is long overdue to restore to Malaysians the two fundamental freedoms they have lost – to be free from crime and free from the fear of crime.

This is the breaking news on the Tawau Acting OCPD who has become a victim of crime:-

January 03, 2009 13:28 PM

Tawau Acting OCPD Stabbed
TAWAU, Jan 3 (Bernama) — Tawau acting OCPD Supt Ramli Ali Mat was seriously injured after being stabbed in his house in Taman Ria 5 at about 2am today.

Bernama understands that Ramli, who was alone in the house, was stabbed in the abdomen in an attack by a group of five men. Read the rest of this entry »