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A totally synthetic crisis

The Police is creating a totally synthetic crisis out of nothing, as no gathering or demonstration is being planned by Pakatan Rakyat in or near Parliament tomorrow.

Police roadblocks, causing massive traffic jams in Kuala Lumpur today and which will be even worse tomorrow, are not only pointless but completely unwarranted and unjustifiable.

As no gathering or demonstration in or around Parliament is being organised by Pakatan Rakyat tomorrow, the news report below paints a very surreal situation in the Federal capital: Read the rest of this entry »


JPA scholarships – why, why, why?

by A student

Dear YB,

I have some question to ask on JPA Scholarship which I don’t understand.

1. Perkongsian kuasa dengan kaum-kaum lain di dalam pilihan raya 1955 membuktikan bahawa

i. orang melayu berupaya menwujudkan perpaduan antara kaum

ii. tindakan pemimpin pada masa itu adalah keterlaluan

iii. orang melayu sanggup berkorban demi mencapai kemerdekaan

iv. orang bukan melayu terhutang budi kepada orang melayu

– This is the sample question of “mock examination” for JPA Scholar students who are to be sent to Canada sponsored by JPA. The choice number iv. is most racist and offensive, as without Orang Bukan Melayu, i.e. Chinese and Indians, Malaysia won’t get independence. Read the rest of this entry »