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North-south highway 3rd lanes

by J.Y.

I am a frequent user of our North-South Expressway and I have this
IMPORTANT experience to highlight and share:-

I was driving back to Penang yesterday afternoon (24 June 08) when I saw
the unfortunate accident in the opposite direction involving the passenger
bus that skidded and overturned at Tanjung Malim. I didn’t know that the
skidded bus was from hometown Penang untill I watched TV3 news later in the
evening and was shocked to learn that the accident took two lives.

Now, this is what I need to share:-

I am a building contractor with over twenty years of experience and I have
been driving my 5 series BMW (latest generation and a dammed solid road
holding car) each time I travelled to KL. Lately, the new extended 3 lanes
highway had been opened up for use and since then, I have also been using
it quite oftenly.

HOWEVER, when I used it each time it is WET, I can really ‘feel’ that the new road surface is extremely SLIPPERY! To share with some of you, my car comes with a built-in traction control mechanism (skidding prevention mechanism) and you can feel it each time it is activated. Previously, I don’t come across this kind of slippery feel except when I drive over a
paddle of water at certain speed. Read the rest of this entry »