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Critical Theory for our varsities

by Azly Rahman

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education to reconstruct the ideology and modus operandi of our public universities interest me. It seems to provide a good declaration for the nation to embark upon this long walk to academic freedom; for the removal of acts, administrators, apparatuses, and activities that are anathema to the meaning of a university.

The announcement seems to promise a better sense of leadership and scholarship as a response to criticisms on the waning and weakening of purpose of the Malaysian public university.

But how do we reconstruct the consciousness of our higher education institution, so that its body politics can create a holistic sense of beingness — a Ying Yang of intellectual longevity? How do we remove the structures that are caging the mind and soul of the university? What do we need to do to create this “apex” university in perhaps a hundred years to come?

“First things first,” as the Management “feel-good guru” Stephen Covey would say. “Think lateral,” as the global corporate marketer of thinking skills Edward deBono will advise. Read the rest of this entry »