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AG’s draft IPCMC bill – make it public for feedback and consultation

The second draft Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) Bill which has been prepared by the Attorney-General’s Chambers should be made public to allow for public feedback and consultation.

The Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, has said that the police is satisfied with the draft IPCMC bill prepared by the Attorney-General’s Chambers as it contained some of the proposals presented by the police.

He said the police is not opposed to an IPCMC but wanted a fair procedure so that there is no victimization of the police.

Malaysians welcome the change-of-heart of the police on the IPCMC issue, backing down from its original stand of total opposition.

Malaysians can accept and agree with Musa that when the IPCMC is formed, no one, including the police, should be victimized by its operation and function.

As the whole purpose of an IPCMC is to uphold justice, it would be a travesty of justice to create new victims or to countenance new injustices to be perpetrated under the IPCMC regime.

The real stand of the police on the IPCMC still await full clarification, as the test of the pudding is in the eating or in the passage of the IPCMC legislation.

As the Attorney-General’s draft IPCMC bill has not been made public, no one knows whether it has kept to the spirit of the key recommendation of the Police Royal Commission for the establishment of an independent external oversight mechanism to check police abuses of powers, misconduct and negligence in order to create an efficient, incorruptible, professional world-class police service which could keep crime low, eradicate corruption in the police service and uphold human rights. Read the rest of this entry »


Pig-rearing crisis in Malacca – utterly meaningless advice by Fong Chan Onn

The Cabinet decision that Malacca pig farmers can apply for aid from Bank Negara’s Fund for Food to install proper waste system is utterly meaningless when MCA Ministers and leaders have agreed to ban pig-rearing activities outside Paya Mengkuang in Malacca and the reduction to 48,000 heads of pigs in the state by Sept. 21.

Yesterday, the Human Resources Minister and MP for Alor Gajah, Datuk Seri Dr. Fong Chan Onn told reporters in Parliament that pig farmers from Kampung Bukit Beruang, Kampung Man Lok and Paya Mengkuang in Malacca should apply for aid from Bank Negara’s Fund for Food to install a proper waste system.

Can Fong explain what is the use of such advice to the pig farmers in Bukit Beruang and Man Lok as well as other areas in Malacca state outside Paya Mengkuang when MCA leaders led by him – totally without consultation, mandate or agreement of the pig farmers – had agreed in negotiations at the Masjid Tanah Umno headquarters on Tuesday (4th September) complied with two demands:

  • Ban on all pig-rearing activities in Malacca state apart from Paya Mengkuang; and
  • Reduction of the pig population in Malacca state to 48,000 heads by Sept. 21, which involved the culling or removal out of the state of some 6,000 heads a day for the 17-day period.

Fong should explain what was the use of his going to the Cabinet the next day (Wednesday September 5) to get approval to extend Bank Negara’s Fund for Food aid to pig farmers in Malacca to install proper waste system when he had agreed a day earlier to the ban on all pig farming activities outside Paya Mengkuang in the state?

Wasn’t this a totally empty and meaningless gesture?

Why didn’t Fong secure Cabinet approval very much earlier for all pig farmers in Malacca state to be able to get aid from Bank Negara’s Fund for Food to install proper waste system which would have averted the nine-hour standoff between 2,000-strong multi-agency contingent drawn from Police FRU, Rela, Immigration, state and local government enforcement personnel on the one hand and defenceless men, women and children with the latter forming human barricades at Paya Mengkuang to defend their very livelihood! Read the rest of this entry »