Scarf Issue in IIUM

An email from G on the perennial problem of dress code for non-Muslim graduates for the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) convocation:

With reference to the above subject matter, I would like to direct your attention to the following url:
*particularly on the “Notes”.

Ms Fong (Po Kuan) and DAP had fight fiercelessly for non-Muslim females’ rights in IIUM, which resulted to the change of dress code from compulsory wearing of tudung to optional (even though we still need to wear a small bandana). However, this changes does not seem to take effect on the dress code on non-muslim female during the Convocation, as pointed out bluntly in the abovementioned website.

I believe, convocation ceromony is one of the “proudest” moment for every parent. However, for a non-Muslim parent to witness this precious moment while their child is wearing a tudung with a string hint of alien religion, is upsetting and embarassing. So, should they absent from the ceromony as how the University suggest? Or, put down their pride to cheer for the child?

We were brought up in a belief that (at least I worship this), a must for convocation is the “Cap”. Perhaps for a Muslim, wearing a tudung with a funny looking band over it is proud. but for non-Muslim, the Cap is almost everything. To wear it when receiving the roll, throw it to the air after completion of convocation, take family photo wearing the Cap, hanging it in the living room..the Cap signifies a huge and respective

During our 49th Convocation, a top student refused to attend the convocation simply because she opposed strongly for the wearing of tudung. The consequences were for her to give up the some awards. This year, the student who is a named and expected Best Student Award recipient refused to attend the ceromony for the same reason.

I see no reason why IIUM decided to ban the wearing of Cap. UKM and UM have it…and they have Muslim students, too! I also find no Quranic verses which opposed to the usage of such Cap to support the same. Hence, this is most probably another ridiculous regulation of the authority.

I sincerely wish that you may look into the issue as soon as possible, seeing that no other Party in our nation is as vocal as DAP. My convocation is on 26th August. Any changes may not be implemented on my batch, but I do hope that my fellow juniors would have a taste of wearing the Cap on their convocation!

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  1. #1 by grace on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 12:20 pm

    Sickening!!! That is all I have to say!!! God can only help us!!!!
    I simply do not understand that they still could not grasp the advice given by HRHs Sultan of Selangor and Raja Nazrin. Do not worsen the brain drain here. Enough is enough!
    In order to progress we need the best brains here. With this type of attitude, more brains will leave for other countries.
    I , for one would want to do so if I am young enough.
    Really it saddens me each time I hear my friends and children are leaving our country. How can be blame them for doing so?

  2. #2 by sotong on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 12:24 pm

    Religious extremists and fundamentalists do not care about economic and money.

    Their ultimate objective is a full Islamic state with Islamic laws to totally control the people…… and other issues are secondary.

    It’s all about attaining absolute power using religion.

  3. #3 by sotong on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 12:35 pm

    The present situation is solely attributed to the previous PM’s Islamicmisation of government administration and declared the country an Islamic state……for his narrow, short sighted and personal political survival and agenda.

    An official religion of the country is exploited by religious extremists and fundamentalists and grossly blown out of proportion!

  4. #4 by AntiRacialDiscrimination on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 12:42 pm

    Muslims will never respect other people’s rights. Don’t hope for that.
    They are ‘katak di bawah tempurung’.
    Just let them rot away under the ‘tempurung’, just boycot the convocation and move on with other more important things, like getting a job.

  5. #5 by sotong on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 12:49 pm

    ” Satu orang satu khubur ”

    Does it matter if one is buried in the Muslim, Christain, Hindu or Buddish cemetary???

  6. #6 by mantaray on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 1:11 pm

    Well to be fair, can M’sia have an International Chinese University where pork is served in the canteen? If you don’t want to eat it, you don’t have to buy. But can we do that?

    Coming back to IIUM, to say that the tudung is part of the uniform is unfair. The tudung is traditionally associated with one race and religion only. True, it doesn’t mean tudung=Islam=Malay but the fact is it is always perceived to be so. It is the right of any person to dress according to their faith and beliefs but they should not impose it on others.

    Just an observation without prejudice. Notice that the national parades in 1960s, 1970s, the ladies ( policewomen, nurses etc etc ) are parading without tudungs but in the 1990s and 2000s, all have tudungs as part of their uniform. I wonder why the paradigm shift?

  7. #7 by justiciary on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 1:26 pm

    We should blame the greatest culprit who has started the process of Melaynisation and islamaisation so extensively and pervasively since 1980’s.We should adhere to multiracial.multicultural and multireligious Malaysia with Islam as the official religion.Go to hell all the racial and religious fanatics.

  8. #8 by ADAM YONG IBNI ABDULLAH on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 6:19 pm


    for your information. the tudung,songkok, sarong, baju melayu are all malay culture with a mix of indian and arabs.

    for your information too, many of the malay so called cultures are in conflict in the teaching of Islam.

    we are taught to respect others ,as others respect us.

    but it is also in the Holy Koran,that there among the muslim are:-
    pagi muslim, malam kafir.

    so it already noted that not all muslims are true practising muslims.

    i wish to reiterate that what is WAJIB IN ISLAM has nothing to do with this issue. the political concoction into religion is the root cause of this matter.

    i apologise to those who are offended. but Islam never taught us to impose on others.

    not all muslims are malays for your kind information.

    even if i cover myself from head to toe but with a heart of a devil, it makes no difference.

    to simplify it. the government build hugh mosque for the sake of Islam. but it is not size of the mosque, but the conregation of the faithfuls.

    thank you.

  9. #9 by Godfather on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 7:15 pm

    This is clearly a microcosm of what is likely to happen 20 years from now, when the Muslim population reaches 80 pct of the population. At that time, all facets of life will have to observe their Islamic practices. What they say goes. What is there to argue at that point of time ?

    In any case, in 20 years’ time, the country will be so poor because what is available to steal would have been stolen, so the only thing left for these thieves would be to perpetuate the Islamic angle. Go to Kelantan. Look around you. That will be what Bolehland will be like 20 years from now.

  10. #10 by shortie kiasu on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 8:25 pm

    What has become of this country now? Academia in the Public Universities funded by taxers are engrossed and obsessed with wearing certain dress code rather than on education excellence per se?

    Who paid the most taxes in the country? Refer to what Dr Mahathir had said earlier.

    No wonder they are at the bottom of rating ladder.

  11. #11 by RGRaj on Friday, 17 August 2007 - 10:07 pm

    lakshy said:

    Heyyyy…Actually the holy book does not ask them to wear tudungs!


    You’re wrong. It does, for all faithful Muslimas.

    al-Quran 33:59

    O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

    Malay Translation:

    Wahai Nabi, suruhlah isteri-isterimu dan anak-anak perempuanmu serta perempuan-perempuan yang beriman, supaya melabuhkan pakaiannya bagi menutup seluruh tubuhnya (semasa mereka keluar); cara yang demikian lebih sesuai untuk mereka dikenal (sebagai perempuan yang baik-baik) maka dengan itu mereka tidak diganggu dan (ingatlah) Allah adalah Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani.

  12. #12 by enginiiur on Sunday, 19 August 2007 - 2:30 am

    Dear All,

    Look at PAS in Kelantan, do they force non-Muslim women to wear tudungs? Only Muslim women are requested to do so.
    Islam didn’t force non-Muslim to follow the rules.
    Do the state government demolish the Buddha’s Watt? If I’m not mistaken, one of them is the biggest in the world.
    Pure Islamic teachings respect other’s religion.
    Open your eyes, make a right choice then!

  13. #13 by drsofwann on Sunday, 19 August 2007 - 3:29 pm

    Morning to everyone…

    Why we make fuss about this issue? Why we travel not less than 100km/hr on the road? Why we wear clothes accordingly to an attended function? Come on laaa guys. Because we respect the rules. Why not wear slippers only, go to the office with slippers, driving big cars with slippers. If you don’t like the rule just left laaa IIUM. Tak pandai nak respect ka? If someone makes a mock how my university works his rule, I really want to punch you at your face. Stupid old people. I eat rice like you guys but use you brain accordinglaaaa.

  14. #14 by mickey01 on Sunday, 19 August 2007 - 4:08 pm

    Wearing of tudung is not uniformly enforced. So many are not wearing. Btw there is compulsion for muslims to remain in islam so as long as you live. No choice whether right or wrong, no freedom of religion/choice for muslims. You can forget about getting out this trap. One way ticket to heaven or hell?

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