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SESB’s madness in Sandakan

By Saves DK

SESB’s irregular blackouts in Sandakan is appalling and causing a lot of disruptions to our daily lives.

If SESB really ‘CARE’ about Sandakan folks and are considerate, they would have tried to minimize the disruptions by at least:

  1. publish accurate advanced notice of blackout times and areas in the local newspapers, as they used to do before they were pushing for the proposed coal power plant;

  2. STICK TO their advanced notice (if published);

  3. have NO blackout in business areas during day time/business hours, and NO blackout in residential areas during evening and night;

  4. have a fair blackout schedule for the WHOLE of Sabah, not let it happen to only Sandakan/Tawau/East Coast.

Many have observed that for the first 2 weeks of August, there was NO blackout in many areas in Kota Kinabalu/West Coast at all, but by contrast, there were DAILY blackouts almost everywhere in the East Coast. WHY is that so?! (If the malfunctioning power plant is located in the West Coast, this would be even more puzzling.)
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