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Salient points – 1Care


  1. The government plans to introduce a new healthcare system called 1-Care. It includes an insurance system to fund for healthcare.

  2. The National Healthcare Financing Authority will be in charge of 1Care – and it is likely to be turned into a GLC.

  3. Based on available information, every household will be made to pay up to 9.4% of gross household income for social health insurance. The payers will be the individual, the employer and the government via taxes, exact proportion still being worked out)

  4. There shall be no choice. Everyone has to pay. There is no opting out. We have to pay upfront. It will no longer be fee-for-service; it is fee-before- service.

  5. There has been no information on exactly how this payment will have to be made or how the government will collect from self-employed people.
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1Care: Prioritise, not privatise patient care

Dr Ng Swee Choon | Dec 24, 2011

We refer to the letter from the Director-General, Ministry of Health: ‘Gov’t not abdicating responsibilities thru 1Care’ on Dec 17.

We fully agree with the need to improve the quality and delivery of health services for the rakyat, provide more choice to patients and preserve the strengths in our current health system. Read the rest of this entry »


Surcharge who?

Sdr. Lim Kit Siang, You might be interested in my experience in Sabah, trying to save Government/Taxpayers’ Money:

When I was serving in Sabah, in 1989 I think it was, and called for quotations to buy ‘Dental Drills’ for use in the field by Nurses, to fill Children’s teeth. You may not know that the Children in Sabah had really very poor Dental Health, and there was an urgent need to do as much as possible, by way of stretching both equipment and personnel available. Read the rest of this entry »


5,000 private doctors call for Jeyakumar’s release

Malaysiakini | Jul 19, 11

The Federation of Private Medical Practitioners’ Associations, which represents some 5,000 private doctors nationwide, has joined hands with others in the medical profession in calling for the release of Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar.

“We are extremely concerned at the continued detention of our colleague, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj, whom we all recognise and acknowledge as a law-abiding, competent, kind and diligent doctor.

“His public service record is exemplary and, to the very best of our knowledge, he is certainly not a threat to our society,” the federation said in a media statement today.
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Another case of police probing themselves

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 17, 11

‘Expecting the police to investigate the police assault on Tung Shin Hospital is like asking a robber to testify to the honesty and kindness of another robber.’

Two special police teams to probe Tung Shin claims

Sarajun Hoda: How stupid does the police think Malaysians are? The people do not trust the police anymore, so why would they trust their investigations?

It is like asking Ali Baba to investigate his 40 thieves. People do not trust Najib’s government. People do not trust the police. People do not trust the judiciary. The Agong perhaps is their last hope, and who should call for a royal commission of inquiry.

Saengch: I hope the police team sent to interrogate the doctors is not there to intimidate them into changing their words.
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Liow, it’s all your own doing

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 17, 11

‘You lied with a straight face. Put simply, you shot yourself in the foot. Your lie has blown right back in your own face.’

Liow: Someone out there trying to get me

DannyLoHH: In his first public statement, the health minister used words like irresponsible, serious allegation with the aim to tarnish the name of Malaysia, if it didn’t happen means it didn’t happen, and it’s the truth to describe the non-occurring of police shooting water canon and tear-gas canister into Tung Shin Hospital compound.

The video is widely circulated online, which clearly shows that the attitude of Liow Tiong Lai is defensive of the police and dismissive of enquiries regarding mounting video and photographic evidence. In short, he has shot his own foot on TV.
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Tung Shin should put people before gov’t

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 15, 11

‘Tung Shin missed the point: as a social entity with a mission, who should Tung Shin entertain first – the police or those who need help?’

Doctors: We’ll produce more evidence if challenged

Cala: Honorary secretary of Tung Shin Hospital board Chong Teck Hong has turned Tung Shin into a state apparatus.

From Chong’s perspective, the assumption is that the hospital is both a private property as well as a common-pool resource. The property is privately-owned by a certain entity or corporation. It is also common-pool resource, similar to commercial shopping centres like Subang Parade, since it cannot reject anybody from entering.
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Minister Liow, photos and videos don’t lie

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 14, 11

‘Fearing the consequences of being called a liar, he flipped and has pointed the finger squarely now at the Tung Shin hospital’s board.’

Liow takes tear gas explanation to Twitter

Karma: How about MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek who said that despite video or photo evidence, it is an optical illusion that caused people to believe that tear gas could have been fired into the hospital?

Admit it. Police, except the good ones, were too focused on firing the rounds at the people and forgot their purpose was to maintain peace. No one was violent that day and no one was throwing any stones at the police, so there was no need to attack.
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Is Liow Tiong Lai afraid of the truth?

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jul 12, 11

‘Liow, were you there? Definitely no. Were the Tong Shin Hospital board members there? No. Why don’t you ask the people who rallied on that day?’

Tung Shin Hospital ‘not hit’ in rally crackdown

Anti-Fascist: Again the administration of PM Najib Razak wants to change a truth to a lie. No ethics, no morals, no principles. Unbelievable.

So the photos and videos were lying? And the many eyewitness accounts were wrong? Were any of the board of directors at the hospital at that time?
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We’ve made a big mistake, says Lynas boss

Malaysiakini | Jun 23, 11

Lynas boss Nicholas Curtis has conceded that his company made the mistake of failing to adequately engage the community in Kuantan over fears of radioactive waste from its controversial rare earth plant.

“We made a mistake, and it was a big mistake, of thinking that because we have met the (Malaysian) standards (of safety), that it was enough. It was not enough. Our obligation is to continue to engage the community in Kuantan.”

The Lynas chief’s mea culpa came after the emergence of stringent opposition to the plant, which is being built in Gebeng Industrial Estate, about 50km from Kuantan. The RM700 million plant will be completed by the end of September.

“I respect that emotions have (become) very high, but these are emotions, not facts,” said Curtis. The detractors of the project, he said, are “pushing emotional stories for political gains”.
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Tikus Makmal in a Natural Experiment?

By Chan Chee Khoon, ScD (Epidemiology)

On June 7, 2011, in a live interview with CNN, Arnie Gundersen, a licensed nuclear power engineer with 39 years experience in managing and coordinating projects at 70 nuclear power plants in the US, noted that with the prevailing wind patterns after the Fukushima disaster’s radioactive discharges, air filter monitors in Seattle detected about half the level of “hot” (radioactive) suspended fine particulates as were detected in the air over Tokyo, 7700 km away.

Gundersen didn’t clarify what the baseline level of airborne radioactive particulates in Seattle was, pre-Fukushima, but if the measured levels in April 2011 were indeed largely blown over from Fukushima, it’s very sobering considering that Kuantan and Kemaman are within a 28 km radius of the Lynas rare earths refinery being built at Gebeng, which will be handling rare earth concentrates ground and milled into a fine powder for acid extraction at the plant.

The ARE experience from Bukit Merah in the 1980s tells us that beyond the dust-generating cracking, grinding and milling operations, powdery thorium cake waste was also spilling onto roads during transportation, during packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, and children were frequently playing in the vicinity of exposed mounds of the waste. Indeed, the thorium waste was reportedly offered to local farmers as fertiliser.
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Our health and lives in exchange for FDIs

Malaysiakini Your Say | Jun 2, 11

‘We sometimes marvel at how parents in some Asean countries are willing to sell their daughters into prostitution in return for a few dollars. Now we know.’

Panel: Waste won’t be 100% radiation-free

Swipenter: “It is not easy to do a study on the impact of health from a rare earth plant as it requires a large number of samples and a long duration of study to demonstrate statistically significant results.”

The rare plant in Bukit Merah is not proof or good enough to show the negative effects on health on a long-term basis? This panel is just a eyewash – they cannot even name one safe rare earth plant anywhere in the world.
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MMA concerned Lynas plant will wreak harm

By Yow Hong Chieh | May 26, 2011
The Malaysian Insider

KUALA LUMPUR, May 26 — The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) stepped into the controversy today over Australian miner Lynas’ rare earth plant near Kuantan, expressing “grave concern” that waste products could wreak harm on those living nearby.

The association, representing the country’s 13,000 doctors, stressed that the possible health risks presented by radiation from “extremely toxic” thorium outweighed the economic benefits from the project.
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1Care: Unhealhy lack of public engagement

By Dr Helmy Haja Mydin | May 20, 11

One of the essential features of a successful healthcare system is the presence of a well-organised primary care service that provides comprehensive services to the public that it serves.

Primary care services are usually delivered by a general practitioner(GP) and should ideally deal with a wide range of healthcare issues, from dealing with minor acute ailments to keeping a lid on the development of chronic illnesses.
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1Care outpatient scheme – middlemen didahulukan?

Joint letter by Drs Ong, Haniffah & Palaniappan | Apr 19, 11

The government is introducing a new financing scheme for primary care (1Care for 1Malaysia) by forming a private company/corporation to act as an insurance company and managed-care organisation (MCO). We believe this company will:

i) collect funds from all working adults and employers

ii) pay for all primary care expenses ie. for outpatient visit, test and medication at both private and government clinics

In theory this scheme will save consumers from having to pay out-of-pocket for their primary care and thus protect them from excessive healthcare expenses. In reality the new company may become a middle man profiting from patients and their caregivers, with the result that healthcare costs go up, standard of treatment may drop and the public is burdened with a new healthcare tax.
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Sabah health services limping along

By Michael Kaung
May 15, 2011 | Free Malaysia Today

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah DAP said that it has received scores of complaints regarding the services rendered by the Federal Health Ministry to Sabahans in terms of quality of treatment, medical supplies and equipment.

Junz Wong, state DAP assistant secretary, said that both the patients and doctors are unhappy and frustrated with the state of affairs in the medical and health services.

The party believes that Sabahans are among the most ill-cared for citizens in Malaysia due to lack of drugs and healthcare equipment.

Wong justifies his claim by pointing out that Sabah only one radiotherapy machine for the whole state.

In the past, before the Sabah Medical Centre (SMC) was bought over by government, the hospital rented the radiotherapy machine.

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LKS, Get Well Soon

By Wong Ho Leng

Because of the Sarawak election, he delayed his cataract operation…

That fateful morning, we were put up at Kingwood Hotel, Kuching. I wasn’t surprised that LKS had called at 7 something in the morning. He does that quite often to me, to exchange political views. But this was an exceptional morning. He said something was wrong, and he wanted to meet me at the cafeteria of the hotel. 15 minutes later, he called again, and asked me to be in his room. I saw LGE, in his pyjamas, with his dad. LKS had a serious eye infection. We earnestly looked for a specialist. It was too early, and it was a Sunday. Anyway, we managed to get one. CSC would be coming to fetch, and I accompanied LKS to his breakfast. We shared about his fear. From outside, he was cool as a cucumber. He obliged when hotel guests requested photo shoots with him. None of them knew that one of LKS’s eyes had suffered a serious vision impairment from a rare infection. To me, it was a long breakfast. As Siew Chiang’s car drove him off, I offered a silent prayer for LKS.

LKS is a workaholic. Despite his eye operation, he still worked with his iPAD, and, we still communicated over the phone. Each time, before we delved into politics, I asked him about his condition, and he would give me the most elaborate detail. He must have gone through unthinkable pain, and, reading the text of LGE’s statement, I can understand LGE’s feelings towards his dad…
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A long haul

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

5th day:
[Admin] LKS 5th day w/o vision on left eye. However surgeon optimistic of sight recovery after Vitrectomy op. Q: how much? Wil b longhaul

4th day:
[Admin] LKS w/o vision on left eye for 4th day. Depending on outcome of Vitrectomy op to restore sight. Pray for the best.


Kudos to Prof Bong and Prof Hanafiah of HUKM

Tweets @limkitsiang :

@UKM Specialist Centre where SohAhKee(Mrs PangHokLiong) underwent miraculous +12hr rare pancreatic cancer operation othr specialists decline
04/19/2011 11:20 AM

Ops on 8/4 830am to 845pm carried out by young HepatobiliaryPancreatic Specialist Prof BongJanJien n team – believed 1st such ops in region
04/19/2011 11:29 AM

Prof Bong n specialists in HUKM show our talents compare w best in world Msia must retain/inspire them 2stay instead of joining braindrain
04/19/2011 11:35 AM

Specialists in Spore Malaysia declined Whipple ops on SohAhKee cos she has tumour virtually encasing her arteries n too dangerous 2operate.
04/19/2011 12:15 PM
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Sibu Hospital : A sad story of Sarawak

Letter by Mimi

This is a sad story of Sarawak and the Sarawakians.

What went wrong in Sarawak?

From the photos taken at the Medical Ward at the Sibu in Hospital, no one would believe Sarawak is one of the largest contributors to the Federal fund.

End of Dec 2010, I spent some time caring for a relative who was admitted at the Sibu Hospital. From the outside, this hospital looks like a 3 star resort. However, inside the hospital, the story is totally different.

This is 2011. How come there is no air conditioning in the Medical ward (I didn’t have the time to check out the other wards)? During the day, the ceiling fans are merely swirling warm, muggy air in the ward. It’s so hot & balmy that the patients leave their tops unbuttoned (yes, even the female patients).
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