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Reply to Thayaparan: I will never launder Najib’s reputation

(Versi BM)

Yesterday, I issued a short five-paragraph statement which tantamounts to a declaration that I will never launder Najib Razak’s reputation, and it is a pity that S. Thayaparan, who wrote COMMENT piece “Kit Siang helps Najib launder his reputation” today did not read or chose to ignore the statement.

An example that I will never launder Najib’ reputation was what happened in the Johore state general election early this year, where I said that the DAP MP Damansara Tony Pua went too far in attacking the Foon Yew school board of governors but he was right in condemning Najib Razak in using Foon Yew to exculpate his kleptocracy. Read the rest of this entry »

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