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Will Malaysia have a second chance to achieve our potential to become a world-class great nation?

I wish Malaysians Happy Water Tiger Chinese New Year.

This is likely to be a decisive year for Malaysia for many decades to come.
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Will the Omicron variant cause a new Covid-19 crisis in Malaysia?

For the third day, new daily Covid-19 cases have passed the 5,000 cases mark.

On 27th January, it was 5,439 new cases, 28th January 5,522 new cases and yesterday 5,739 new cases. Read the rest of this entry »

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Is the 15th General Election imminent?

As there has been a lot of sabre-rattling by political parties in the second backdoor government in the nation’s history, with the Bersatu and PAS Presidents jointly declaring that their support for the Ismail Sabri federal government was “conditional” and the PAS President asserting that the Johore state general election was engineered by the UMNO “court cluster”, the question uppermost in the minds of many is whether the 15th national general election is imminent.

As far as whether the 15GE would be held contemporaneously with the Johore state general election, my answer is in the negative. Read the rest of this entry »

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