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Can Khairy’s first 100 Days on December 7 see triple-digit daily new Covid-19 cases and single-digit Covid-19 deaths?

A week ago, when on November 28, 2021 we recorded 4,239 daily new Covid-19 cases, the lowest in 196 days since May 16, and 29 daily Covid-19 deaths – second lowest in over six months – I posed the question as to when Malaysia could decrease to the day when we will record triple-digit Covid-19 new daily cases and single-digit Covid-19 deaths.

I asked this question for two reasons: firstly, this objective seemed within reach on Nov. 28; and secondly, Indonesia had been recording triple-digit daily new cases since 15th October 2021 and single-digit Covid-19 deaths for five days since 19th November 2021. Read the rest of this entry »

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