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As Khairy is over two-thirds in his first 100 Days as the new Health Minister, is the reduction of daily new Covid-19 cases in Malaysia to less than 500 cases still on target as his 100-day PKI?

I am reading the two-volume report of the Parliament Special Select Committee on Health, Science and Innovation which was tabled in Parliament this week, comprising the recommendations of the Parliament Special Select Committee and the transcripts of six meetings of the Select Committee from July 23, 2021 to October 4, 2021.

Among those who appeared before the Select Committee in these six meetings were Khairy Jamaluddin on 14th September, 16 days after he was sworn in as Health Minister; Mohd Shafiq bin Abdullah, Secretary-General of Health Ministry; Noor Hisham bin Abdulah, Health Director-General; Dr. Abu Bakar Suleiman (Chairman of Health and Sciences Covid-19 Advisory Group of Experts EAG) and public and private health experts.
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Election Commission should draw up separate SOPs for the four phases of the NRP to demonstrate its is mindful of its duty to conduct free, fair and clean elections

From Monday, five more states currently under Phase 3 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) will transition to the final Phase 4 for full re-opening, leaving Kelantan and Sarawak as the only states still in Phase 3.

Compared to Phase 3, Phase 4 has fewer restrictions for curtailing the spread of Covid-19, such as by allowing social functions such as wedding receptions to take place albeit with certain precautions still in place. Read the rest of this entry »

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