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Malaysia faces a grim future as it is set to pass the 1.5 million mark today, pass 1.7 million mark for Covid-19 cases and over 15,000 Covid-9 deaths on 64th National Day on August 31 and pass 2 million mark for Covid-19 cases and over 19,000 Covid-19 deaths on 58th Malaysia Day on Sept 16, 2021

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Yesterday, we set a new record for daily new Covid-19 cases – 22,948 cases and today, we will set another new record by breaking the 1.5 million-mark for cumulative total of Covid-19 cases. Will we set another record on Saturday, 21st August, by breaking pass the 14,000 mark for Covid-19 deaths?

On January 11, 2021 when emergency was proclaimed to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a cumulative total of 138,224 Covid-19 cases and 555 Covid-19 deaths. Read the rest of this entry »

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