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Malaysia must re-strategise to stop being one of the worst performing countries in ASEAN and Asia in the war against Covid-19 pandemic

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In the latest monthly Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking at the end of February 2021, Malaysia ranked lower than Singapore (3), China (6), Taiwan (7), South Korea (8), Japan (9), Thailand (10), Hong Kong (13), Israel (14), UAE (15), India (16), Saudi Arabia (17), Vietnam (18) as Malaysia is ranked No. 23 in the index.

Malaysia fell seven places from the January ranking, when we were ranked No. 16, but we still then lost to Singapore, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, UAE, South Korea, Thailand and Israel and was only ahead of India and Saudi Arabia.

As the Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking (February 2021) prefaced: Read the rest of this entry »

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