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Reflection a year since Covid-19 – will it End?

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In addressing COVID issues today, apart from looking ahead, we need to look at our rear-view mirror. Malaysians forget easily and need to be reminded repeatedly that we are where we are today due to our government folly. COVID outbreak first started due to a concentration lapse involving the government agencies in managing COVID as the politician battle for power in Feb 2020 (Sheraton Move).

Despite the painful experience of 4 months of MCO that crippled the economy, and we returned to some degree of normalization, the peninsular politicians assaulted the Sabah government to grab power and, in the process brought the disease back to the peninsular states. KKM refusal to enforce quarantine for travelers between the two areas before and after the election is the primary reason why KKM resources are strained today and our economy crippling, and people are burdened again. Read the rest of this entry »

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