Why did Muhyiddin like a thief in the night, convened a special Cabinet meeting to put Malaysia into a state of emergency totally without any accountability and transparency?

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Why did the Prime Minster, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin acted like a thief in the night and convened a special Cabinet meeting to put Malaysia into a state of emergency totally without any accountability and transparency?

When did Muhyiddin reach the conclusion that a state of emergency is the best solution to his survival as the eighth Prime Minister of Malaysia, which might otherwise be shorter than the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia of 22 months?

As he had a zoom Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, it would appear that he reached this conclusion only on or after Wednesday. Who were the people who convinced him so?

If Muhyiddin succeeded in his plot to put Malaysia into a state of emergency, he would have successfully followed in the footsteps of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is exploiting the Covid-19 pandemic to his own political advantage, however temporary.

This is most ironic, when next week, the Covid-19 pandemic is likely to claim the scalp of its foremost political victim, the United States President Donald Trump as many expect him to be defeated in the US Presidential election on Nov. 3 – not so much by Joe Biden but by the Covid-19 epidemic.

This is because the US Presidential election has been turned into a referendum over Trump’s atrocious handling of the pandemic, resulting in more than 8.8 million Covid-19 infections and over 230,000 fatalities in the United States – although this is regarded as under-reporting!

There are three types of national leaders in facing the Covid-19 pandemic. The first are like Donald Trump, who deny the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic although over 230,000 Americans have been killed – more than the Vietnam War casualties estimated at over 210,000.

Other leaders in this mould are Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro and Mexican President, Lopez Obrador and they have led Brazil and Mexico to be among the Top Ten countries in the world with Covid-19 infections. Brazil has nearly 5.4 million cases and 157,000 fatalities while Mexico has over 880,000 Covid-19 cases and over 44,700 deaths.

The second group of national leaders exploited the Covid-19 pandemic for their political survival and is led by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Most of the national leaders in the world are in the third group, who seek to win the war against the Covid-19 pandemic without politicising the issue, uniting their people and banking on an “all-of-government” and “whole-of-society” approach.

The national leaders of the first two groups are heading for infamy, and I would urge Muhyiddin to come out of the second group and join the third group.

Malaysia must not be put into a state of emergency just to provide life-support for Muhyiddin’s political survival.

Until today, Muhyiddin has not shared with Malaysians his plan to suspend Parliament and put Malaysia into a state of emergency and Malaysians have to rely on the rumour mills, which have worked overtime since Friday, and the social media to piece together as best as possible what was going on in high affairs of state.

Most unusual and uncharacteristically, Malaysians are getting more information from the Yang di Pertuan Agong than from the Prime Minister on the Prime Minister’s proposal.

Yesterday, for instance, the Yang di Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah advised the people not to make speculations that could create confusion and anxiety and disrupt the people’s cherished harmony.

This followed an audience granted to Muhyiddin and key ministers with the Yang di Pertuan Agong in Kuantan after the special Cabinet meeting on Friday.

No proposal from a Prime Minister as the present one to declare a state of emergency and suspend Parliament to fight the Covid-19 pandemic had received such universal rejection from all quarters in Malaysia since the country achieved Merdeka in 1957.

Constitutional experts, lawyers, political analysts and university academicians are virtually united in their view that a state of emergency is unsuitable and not needed in Malaysia to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and that there could be no justification for any suspension of Parliament.

Even leaders from within the Perikatan Nasional government coalition are speaking up against the proposal.

UMNO Deputy President, Datuk Seri Mohd Hasan has called on the government to use democratic and scientific means to battle the raging Covid-19 pandemic in the country as Malaysia is not in a state of economy, health and security systems paralysis.

Veteran UMNO leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has warned that a state of emergency may be the “final nail in the coffin” of Malaysia’s battered economy while former Minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has likened declaring a state of emergency to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic to “killing a few rats using a bomb”.

Even the former Attorney-General Tommy Thomas, who had imposed a ”self-quarantine” on himself since the Sheraton Move in February, had spoken up and warned that a proclamation of emergency by the executive can be reviewed by the courts.

In view of the almost universal opposition in Malaysia to the proposal to declare a state of emergency to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, and to suspend Parliament, Muhyiddin should summon another emergency meeting of the Cabinet to broaden its option to fight the Covid-19 pandemic without (i) declaring a national emergency; and (ii) the suspension of Parliament.

The Federal Territories Minister, Annuar Musa, when asking critics to suggest alternatives, said 32 other countries have already declared a state of emergency to address the Covid-19 pandemic, but he did not say how many of these 32 countries suspended their Parliaments as well.

The world is facing an upsurge of Covid-19 infections and fatalities, but this is no reason for Malaysia to declare a state of emergency and to suspend Parliament.

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020, there were more than 118,000 Covid-19 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 people had lost their lives.

Today, the daily increase of Covid-19 infections is three times the global cumulative total on March 11. A grim record was recorded on 23rd October, when the world daily increase registered the highest-ever total of 490,021 cases.

In terms of Covid-19 infections, Malaysia stands No. 89 in the list of countries with the most number of Covid-19 infections, headed by United States, India, Brazil, Russia, Spain, Argentina, France, Colombia, Peru. Mexico, United Kingdom, South Africa, Iran, Chile, Italy, Iraq, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines as the world’s top 20 countries in terms of infections.

During the second wave of the Covid-19 epidemic in March this year, Malaysia was No. 18 in the word’s list of countries in terms of having the most number of Covid-19 infections.

We have also done comparatively well in the international arena even in Covid-19 fatalities, as we were in March No. 33 in the world’s ranking of the most Covid-19 fatalities while we are now No. 103 in the world in terms of Covid-19 deaths.

We acknowledge shock and consternation that Malaysia has 214 Covid-19 fatalities, but we are not in the league of nations whose fatalities qualify them to be the world’s top 10 countries such as United States, Brazil, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, France, Peru and Iran, whose fatalities range from 32,320 to 230,060 deaths.

MPs such as Anthony Loke and Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and political analysis like Wong Chin Huat have suggested that one way out of the present political impasse was a “confidence-and-supply” agreement to enable the 2021 Budget to be passed to allow an “all-of-government” and “whole-of-society” approach to the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

All Members of Parliament, regardless of political party, want the war against the Covid-19 epidemic to be successfully waged.

The 2021 Budget will be presented to Parliament on Friday, November 6, 2020, and the first vote on the 2021 Budget will be at the end of the policy debate in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday, November 23, 2020.

I suggest Muhyiddin be given time until Budget Day on Nov. 6 to determine whether it is possible to ensure political stability through the “confidence and supply” proposal or other possible options so that there could be an “all-of-government” and “whole-of-society” war against the Covid-19 epidemic led by the 222 MPs in Parliament.

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang in Gelang Patah on Sunday, October 25, 2020)


Mengapakah Muhyiddin bertindak seperti seorang pencuri di waktu malam, memanggil mesyuarat khas Kabinet untuk meletakkan negara kita dalam darurat tanpa sebarang akauntabiliti mahupun ketelusan?

Mengapakah Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, bertindak seperti seorang pencuri di waktu malam, memanggil mesyuarat khas Kabinet untuk meletakkan negara kita dalam darurat tanpa sebarang akauntabiliti mahupun ketelusan?

Bilakah Muhyiddin memutuskan yang perintah darurat adalah solusi terbaik terhadap masalah kelangsungan kerjaya politik beliau sebagai Perdana Menteri kelapan Malaysia, yang mungkin akan menjadi lebih pendek daripada tempoh berkhidmat Perdana Menteri ketujuh selama 22 bulan?

Memandangkan beliau telah mengadakan mesyuarat Kabinet melalui Zoom pada hari Rabu, kelihatan seperti keputusan ini hanya dicapai selepas atau pada hari Rabu. Siapakah mereka yang meyakinkan beliau untuk berbuat demikian?

Jika Muhyiddin berjaya dalam plotnya untuk meletakkan negara kita dalam keadaan darurat, ini bererti beliau telah mengikuti jejak langkah Perdana Menteri Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, yang mengeksploit wabak Covid-19 untuk kepentingan politik sendiri, biarpun hanya untuk sementara waktu.

Perkara ini amatlah ironik, memandangkan wabak Covid-19 ini dijangka akan menuntut mangsa politik terbesarnya dalam pilihan raya presiden Amerika Syarikat, Donald Trump, yang dijangkakan oleh ramai orang akan kalah dalam pilihan raya yang akan berlangsung pada 3 November depan — bukan kerana dikalahkan Joe Biden, tetapi dikalahkan Covid-19.

Ini adalah kerana pilihan raya presiden ini telah dijadikan satu referendum terhadap cara Trump mengendalikan wabak ini dengan sebegitu teruk sekali, membawa kepada lebih daripada 8.8 juta jangkitan Covid-19 dan lebih daripada 230,000 kematian di AS — walaupun angka ini sebenarnya dijangkakan lebih tinggi oleh sesetengah pihak!

Terdapat tiga jenis pemimpin negara dalam berhadapan wabak Covid-19 ini. Pertamanya, mereka yang seperti Donald Trump, yang menafikan keseriusan wabak ini walaupun lebih daripada 230,000 rakyat Amerika Syarikat telah terkorban akibatnya — lebih daripada jumlah korban dalam perang Vietnam yang dijangkakan pada kadar 210,000 kematian.

Pemimpin lain yang berada dalam acuan ini adalah Presiden Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro dan Presiden Mexico, Lopez Obrador, dan mereka berdua telah membawa Brazil dan Mexico menjadi di antara sepuluh negara yang mempunyai jumlah jangkitan tertinggi di dunia

Kumpulan kedua pula adalah mereka yang mengeksploit wabak ini demi kepentingan dan kelangsungan kerjaya politik mereka, kumpulan ini diketuai oleh Perdana Menteri Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Kebanyakan pemimpin negara di dunia berada dalam kumpulan ketiga, yang cuba untuk memenangi peperangan melawan wabak Covid-19 tanpa mempolitikkan isu ini, dengan menyatu-padukan rakyat mereka dan menggunakan pendekatan melibatkan “keseluruhan kerajaan” dan “keseluruhan masyarakat”.

Para pemimpin negara dalam dua kumpulan pertama tadi sedang bergerak ke arah diingati dengan tindakan buruk mereka, dan saya menyeru kepada Muhyiddin untuk keluar daripada kumpulan kedua tadi dan menyertai kumpulan ketiga.

Malaysia tidak boleh diletakkan di bawah perintah darurat semata-mata untuk memberikan bantuan hayat kepada kelangsungan kerjaya politik Muhyiddin.

Sehingga hari ini, Muhyiddin belum berkongsikan rancangan beliau untuk menggantung Parlimen dan meletakkan negara kita di bawah perintah darurat kepada rakyat Malaysia dan rakyat Malaysia terpaksa bergantung kepada kilang khabar angin — yang berkerja keras sejak hari Jumaat lepas — dan media sosial untuk cuba memahami apakah yang sedang berlaku dengan negara kita.

Apa yang paling pelik lagi, rakyat Malaysia mendapati lebih banyak maklumat secara terus daripada Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di Pertuan Agong, berbanding dengan daripada Perdana Menteri mereka sendiri mengenai cadangan Perdana Menteri ini.

Semalam contohnya, Yang di Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah telah menasihati rakyat untuk tidak membuat spekulasi yang boleh menyebabkan kekeliruan serta kerisauan yang boleh mengganggu keharmonian rakyat.

Perkara ini berlaku susulan selepas Muhyiddin bersama dengan beberapa menteri utama menghadap Baginda Yang di Pertuan Agong di Kuantan selepas mesyuarat khas Kabinet pada hari Jumaat.

Tidak pernah lagi cadangan daripada Perdana Menteri untuk mengumumkan perintah darurat dan menggantungkan Parlimen untuk melawan wabak Covid-19 ini menerima bantahan secara universal daripada semua pihak dalam negara sejak negara kita merdeka pada tahun 1957.

Pakar Perlembagaan, peguam, penganalisis politik, dan ahli akademik universiti hampir semuanya bersetuju dengan pandangan yang perintah darurat tidak bersesuaian dan tidak diperlukan di Malaysia untuk melawan wabak Covid-19 dan tidak ada sebarang sebab untuk Parlimen digantung fungsinya.

Malah, pemimpin daripada kalangan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional sendiri juga telah bersuara membantah cadangan ini.

Timbalan Presiden UMNO, Datuk Seri Mohd Hasan telah menyeru supaya kerajaan untuk menggunakan cara yang demokratik dan saintifik untuk melawan wabak Covid-19 dalam negara kita, memandangkan sistem ekonomi, kesihatan, dan keselematan di Malaysia masih belum lumpuh.

Pemimpin veteran UMNO, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah telah memberikan amaran yang perintah darurat ini akan menjadi “paku terakhir keranda” ekonomi negara, manakala mantan menteri Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz telah menyamakan pengisytiharan darurat ini seakan-akan mencuba untuk “membunuh beberapa ekor tikus menggunakan bom”.

Malah, mantan Peguam Negara Tommy Thomas, yang telah mengenakan “kuarantin kendiri” sejak Langkah Sheraton pada bulan Februari lalu telah mengeluarkan kenyataan dan memberikan amaran yang proklamasi darurat oleh pihak eksekutif ini boleh dicabar dan disemak semula oleh pihak mahkamah.

Memandangkan terdapat bantahan yang hampir universal terhadap cadangan pengisytiharan darurat untuk melawan Covid-19 dan penggantungan Parlimen ini, Muhyiddin perlu memanggil satu lagi mesyuarat khas Kabinet untuk memperluaskan pilihan-pilihan yang ada untuk melawan penularan wabak Covid-19 tanpa (i) mengisytiharkan darurat; dan (ii) menggantung Parlimen.

Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan, Annuar Musa, semasa meminta pengkritik untuk memberikan cadangan alternatif, mengatakan 32 buat negara lain telah mengisytiharkan darurat untuk melawan wabak Covid-19, tetapi beliau tidak mengatakan sama ada 32 negara ini juga menggantung fungsi Parlimen mereka.

Seluruh dunia sedang berhadapan dengan peningkatan jangkitan dan kematian akibat Covid-19, tetapi ini bukanlah alasan untuk mengisytiharkan darurat dan menggantung Parlimen di negara kita.

Semasa Pertubuhan Kesihatan Sedunia (WHO) mengumumkan yang wabak Covid-19 ini adalah satu pandemik pada 11 Mac 2020, terdapat lebih daripada 118,000 kes Covid di sekitar 114 buah negara, dan 4,291 orang telah terkorban semasa itu.

Hari ini, peningkatan harian kes Covid-19 di seluruh dunia sahaja berada pada tahap tiga kali ganda jumlah kes terkumpul pada 11 Mac. Satu rekod yang menyayat hari dicatatkan pada 23 Oktober, apabila jumlah peningkatan kes harian di seluruh dunia mencecah 490,021 kes, rekod tertinggi dalam sejarah.

Dari segi kadar jangkitan, Malaysia berada pada tempat ke-89, senarai negara dengan jumlah jangkitan tertinggi ini didahului oleh Amerika Syarikat, India, Brazil, Rusia, Sepanyol, Argentina, Perancis, Colombia, Peru. Mexico, United Kingdom, Afrika Selatan, Iran, Chile, Itali, Iraq, Jerman, Bangladesh, Indonesia dan Filipina.

Semasa berhadapan dengan gelombang kedua penularan wabak ini pada bulan Mac, negara kita berada di tempat ke-18.

Kita telah berjaya melakukan yang terbaik di peringkat antarabangsa dari segi kematian akibat Covid-19, memandangkan kita berada di tempat ke-33 pada bulan Mac dan kini berada di tempat ke-103 dari segi kematian akibat Covid-19.

Kita perlu mengiktiraf kejutan dan kegelisahan yang Malaysia kini mencatatkan 214 kematian akibat Covid-19. Tetapi, kita tidak berada dalam liga yang sama seperti sepuluh negara dengan kematian tertinggi seperti Amerika Syarikat, Brazil, India, Mexico, United Kingdom, Itali, Sepanyol, Perancis, Peru dan Iran yang mencatatkan di antara 32,320 sehingga 230,060 kematian.

Ahli-ahli Parlimen seperti Anthony Loke dan Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman dan penganalisis politik seperti Wong Chin Huat telah mencadangkan salah satu cara untuk keluar daripada kebuntuan politik semasa adalah dengan membuat satu perjanjian “keyakinan dan perbekalan” untuk membolehkan Belanjawan 2021 diluluskan bagi membolehkan pendekatan melibatkan “keseluruhan kerajaan” dan “keseluruhan masyarakat” digunakan untuk melawan wabak Covid-19.

Semua Ahli Parlimen, tanpa mengira latar belakang parti politik, mahu peperangan melawan wabak Covid-19 ini untuk berjaya.

Belanjawan 2021 ini akan dibentangkan kepada Parlimen pada hari Jumaat, 6 November 2020, dan undian pertama terhadap belanjawan ini akan berlangsung pada pengakhiran perbahasan peringkat dasar di Dewan Rakyat pada hari Isnin, 23 November 2020.

Saya cadangkan Muhyiddin diberikan masa sehingga hari Belanjawan pada 6 November untuk menentukan sama ada boleh untuk beliau memastikan kestabilan politik melalui satu cadangan perjanjian “keyakinan dan perbekalan” ini ataupun cara lain supaya satu pendekatan melibatkan “keseluruhan kerajaan” dan “keseluruhan masyarakat” dapat diambil dalam perang melawan wabak Covid-19 dengan pimpinan kesemua 222 Ahli Parlimen.

(Kenyataan Media Ahli Parlimen DAP Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang di Gelang Patah pada hari Ahad, 25 Oktober 2020)

  1. #1 by drngsc on Sunday, 25 October 2020 - 1:15 pm

    Yes the covid numbers are not good. Though the cases and deaths have increased, the CFR have reduced from 1.29% about 6 months ago, till 0.85% now.
    These bad numbers are due to our poor handling of this C19 infections from March till September. We refuse to test and allow clusters to form all over the country, the worse being in Sabah, where the borders are porous. Today we wonder whether the poor handling was by design or through sheer incompetence. Because the critical issue before us is the threat to impose “emergency” solely so that Parliament cannot meet. Why? Because this government is not confident that they can get the budget passed. Two points are worth nothing here ( hope the rulers are listening ). Firstly, this is a back door government formed through sheer misuse of our money, to buy “frogs”. They even have the audacity to offer “rewards” ( money and posts ) to any MP who would join him ( leaping like a frog ). They use our money big time, and now do not wish to account to the people. Secondly, if they have no confidence that their budget can be passed, then the king should ask them to resign as they have lost the confidence of the people. Not allow them to hide under a national security law? We want them to account for the money that they have spend and are going to spend. You can run, but you cannot hide, TSMY? How long are you going to fool the people? You came illegally on the end of February ( 7 months, about 200 days ago ) and you still have no mandate. Time to face the music. How can we allow people who have much to gain from proroguing Parliament to decide to prorogue Parliament? These are the crooks that the people rejected. Remember the legacy of this government. They truncated the first sitting ( because of covid ). They refuse to allow a vote of confidence in the second sitting. And now, wants to avoid the third sitting? What kind of a government is this? Dear Agong /Rulers, please do not allow crooks who misuse our money ( almost as bad as 1MDB/MO1 ) to get away. The people are angry. very angry. Time for TSMY, to sit down with the opposition ( or occasionally friendly and occasionally unfriendly parties ), and work out a deal. Foremost, allow a join committee to work out and scrutinize a budget that is good for the people. If you fail, then stepdown gracefully. All of us want a government accountable to the people. C19 is not a good reason. Singapore had an election safely. So did New Zealand. Myanmar is looking ahead to an election. What is the problem? TSMY dare not face the people. That is the problem. Please do not allow him to get away with it.

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