DAP and Amanah have not abandoned Anwar in favour of Mahathir as it is the surest way for Anwar to become Prime Minister

DAP dan Amanah tidak mengabaikan Anwar dengan memilih Mahathir, pilihan ini adalah pilihan yang paling berkemungkinan untuk Anwar menjadi Perdana Menteri

Persoalan yang berlegar di dalam fikiran ramai orang sekarang adalah kenapa DAP dan Amanah memilih Mahathir Mohamad sebagai calon perdana Perdana Menteri dan bukannya Anwar Ibrahim.

Mereka silap.

DAP dan Amanah tidak pernah mengabaikan Anwar dengan memilih Mahathir, pilihan ini pilihan yang paling berkemungkinan untuk mengangkat Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri.

Kita tidak boleh terus dibelenggu dengan sejarah silam, jika tidak, keputusan bersejarah 9 Mei 2018 untuk membawa pertukaran kerajaan secara aman dan demokratik mungkin tidak akan berlaku.

Pada masa yang sama, kita tidak boleh bersifat oportunistik atau mengorbankan prinsip-prinsip asas kita untuk membawa reformasi kepada institusi-institusi negara dan membawa perubahan secara demokratik.

Kesilapan telahpun berlaku sepanjang 22 bulan pentadbiran kerajaan Pakatan Harapan dan kita tidak boleh mengulangi semula kesilapan-kesilapan ini jika kita berjaya mengembalikan semula mandat yang telah diberikan oleh rakyat pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-14.

Selesainya persoalan mengenai calon Perdana Menteri dan perihal peralihan kuasa di antara Mahathir sebagai Perdana Menteri kesembilan kepada Anwar sebagai Perdana Menteri kesepuluh, satu sistem untuk mencapai persetujuan berkenaan lantikan utama dalam pakatan haruslah dipersetujui.

Namun, kita harus bersifat realistik. Dengan semua faktor ini sekalipun, tidak ada jaminan yang kita akan berjaya untuk mengembalikan semula mandat rakyat ini.

Seperti yang dinyatakan secara bersama oleh Setiausaha Agung DAP dan Presiden Amanah dalam kenyataan bersama mereka semalam, dan seperti yang dapat dilihat dalam mesyuarat sekretariat Pakatan Harapan dan kenyataan bersama yang dikeluarkan oleh para pemimpin tiga parti PH ini, Pakatan Harapan akan terus bersama sebagai satu unit politik yang bersatu teguh untuk menyatukan semua kumpulan politik dalam negara yang berkongsi aspirasi untuk menyelamatkan Malaysia dengan melaksanakan reformasi institusi dan membawa perubahan demokratik dalam negara kita.

(Kenyataan Media Ahli Parlimen DAP Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang pada hari Selasa 23 Jun 2020)


The question buzzing in most minds in the past one week is why DAP and Amanah have abandoned Anwar Ibrahim in favour of Mahathir Mohamad.

They are wrong.

DAP and Amanah had never abandoned Anwar in favour of Mahathir as it is the surest way for Anwar to become Prime Minister.

We must not be prisoner of the past or the historic decision of May 9, 2018 bringing about a peaceful and democratic change of government would not have taken place.

We must not be opportunistic either and never sacrifice our basic principles for institution reform and democratic change.

Mistakes have been made in the 22 months of Pakatan Harapan government and we must not repeat these mistakes if we succeed in restoring the mandate of the voters in the 14th General Election.

With the question of the Prime Minister settled with regard to the transition of Mahathir as the ninth Prime Minister to Anwar as the tenth Prime Minister in six months’ time, a coalition system of decision-making with regard to major appointments and mode of Cabinet governance would have to be agreed upon.

But we must realistic. Even with all these factors in place, there is no guarantee of success to restore the mandate of the voters in the 14th General Election.

As stated by the DAP Secretary-General and the Amanah President in a joint statement yesterday, and evidenced by the meeting of the Pakatan Harapan secretariat and the joint statement of the principal leaders of the three parties, Pakatan Harapan will continue as a united political movement to unite all like-minded political forces in the country to save Malaysia to effect institutional reforms and democratic change in the country.

(Media Statement by DAP MP for Iskandar Puteri Lim Kit Siang on Tuesday, 23rd June 2020)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 - 1:35 pm

    Its amazing what they are saying DAP and Amanah giving up principle in order to take Putrajaya..All these critics who accuse DAP and Amanah just do not get it – THEY HATE US – the critics in particular..Its just those critics does not have to face their haters. Anyone of them running for office would not last very long..

    The issue isn’t that. Its how even if Mahathir helps take over Putrajaya, how do Anwar even stay in power since the Malays are against them? Most will not accept anything other than an ALL-Malay party to lead the country. Mahathir is not wrong in that regard and necessary to capture Putrajaya..

    Again, you cannot patch over a broken country and the only real solution lies in Sarawak and Sabah – every single corner of them must be supporter of Harapan – its the only possible long term solution..

  2. #2 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 - 4:39 pm

    What Irony, DAP who had been demonised by Mahathir for decades that now created the problem for him he most fear, is Mahathir’s strongest ally… There is Karma.

    The problem is UMNO-PAS-Bersatu , the prodigals who have turned on Mahathir will think somehow peddle the theory that their wrongdoing will also be forgiven like the false equivalent of DAP they peddle for decades, there is nothing to fear of their wrongs, past, present or future.

  3. #3 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 - 9:50 pm

    Does it not bother anyone that Mahathir simply dismiss that not many Malays would listen to him if he was not PM – he the architect of Malay economics and politics for more than 4 decades, they ultimately will not listen but instead take his worst method and culture and make it even worst?

    You have to ask what Mahathir has build in four decades of his influence? Seriously, can such power at any cost, using hate and prejudices, abuse while sprinkling some benefits to those marginalised and oppressed to satiate their anger.. Is it sustainable? Can it be more than a House of Cards?

  4. #4 by Bigjoe on Wednesday, 24 June 2020 - 10:24 am

    Mahathir reminded the Malays – the old adage Melayu tak kan hilang. But Malay politicians, most of them from Mahathir – Bersatu, UMNO, PAS, even some in PKR and those of GPS, pemimpin politik Melayu patut hilang..

  5. #5 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 25 June 2020 - 8:34 am

    Can Anwar do it? Can Anwar convinced enough Malays that MOST of their traditional political leaders are corrupt, morally bankrupt and should go away when survey after survey shows most Malays will still vote for them? Even Mahathir is not convinced it can be done..

    Melayu tak akan hilang, tapi kebanyakan Pemimpin Melayu harus hilang?

    Is it possible?

  6. #6 by Bigjoe on Friday, 26 June 2020 - 6:36 am

    Najib ask why Mahathir cannot work with other leaders? Because what Mahathir created, Perwaja, Proton, abusive power, were mistakes and wrong. Najib and Rosmah are mistakes and wrong. UMNO Baru, Muhiyiddin’s Bersatu, Azmin and even the infected Hadi’s PAS are mistakes and wrong. Its a House of Cards.

  7. #7 by Bigjoe on Saturday, 27 June 2020 - 11:57 am

    Shafie Apdal as PM is definitely a possible solution to the current precarious position of UMNO-PAS in power. In some ways it something Sabah had thought it was promised one of their son be PM since Malaysia Agreement.

    Fact of matter, Malays will not accept a multi-racial party to lead the country. Anwar’s vision too far ahead of times even now possibly even never despite the promise of our founding.

    What is DAP to do? It is not DAP’s problem, its between PKR and Warisan but DAP actually is the key decider..

  8. #8 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 28 June 2020 - 11:26 am

    Replacing the speaker is bad faith? LOL. Much of Muhiyiddin appt and removal are bad faith.. Is there any leader on Perikatan, including PAS not acting in bad faith?

    The problem with Shafie being PM, is not he is not qualified but rather let’s admit he is still fresh from his stain of being in UMNO and his entire entourage cannot be trusted to fight corruption and abuse. Shafie can be PM but the conditions including his accountability belongs to Harapan.. Harapan must own him. And let’s admit it, its unfair to Anwar, no reason at all why Anwar does not deserve it more but one simple fact, the Malays are racist and prejudicial and will not let him and Mahathir made it and cannot and likely will not fix it.

  9. #9 by tmc on Friday, 3 July 2020 - 5:46 pm

    http://www.financetwitter.com/2020/06/grab-the-power-first-stupid-heres-why-perikatan-nasional-succeeded-but-pakatan-harapan-fails.html Anwar and his team must stop all the waffling and get on the bandwagon of Tun, support Shafie as PM, it’s the most workable option really, and he as DPM. Stop all the stupid talk publicly and the clandestine meetings with your enemies. Unless he has another deal going on with the current admin? Time is running out for AI, and he knows it but his team still baying for the moon. Let’s put AI and his PKR to a simple test, defeat the proposal to replace the current speaker and deputy speaker. Is AI brave enough ? Time and tide waits for no man, this is so trite and so true.

  10. #10 by Bigjoe on Tuesday, 7 July 2020 - 3:04 pm

    You really have to ask, while Harapan has its issues, Harapan is formally has a ideological pact – reformasi..Perikatan on the other hand is bounded not by ideology but race and religion and desperation for power and power being the top reason they are together..

    Harapan has no clear path to power BUT Perikatan has a clear path to hold on to power at its worst unless they sabotage each other..

    Like it or not, this is the state of our national conversation or nationhood. Its not about what we want to build but rather about who gets to say what..

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