UMNO/BN parties, leaders and individuals must publicly own up and donate whatever “dirty money” they had received from Najib from 1MDB to Tabung Harapan Malaysia to help pay the trillion-ringgit national debt

The Sarawak Report website, whose access was blocked by the Najib government for 34 months from July 2015, alleged in an article in August 2015 that the UMNO/Barisan Nasional Back Benchers Club Chairman, Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samd received RM1 million and Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan, received RM2 million from 1MDB from the then Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s infamous RM2.6 billion private banking account.

The Sarawak Report said evidence was starting to emerge that money handed out personally by Najib to UMNO party heads, not only before the election but after, including numerous payments to MPs and many of the recipients proved themselves to be some of Najib’s strongest defenders in the 1MDB crisis.

In my speech at the DAP forum, “Ke Mana Halatuju Malaysia” at the Tropical Inn in Johor Bahru three days later on 17th August 2015, I specifically asked eight Ministers and two deputy ministers to declare the amounts of funds they received from Najib’s infamous RM2.6 billion personal accounts for the 13th General Election campaigning as Shahrir confirmed the Sarawak Report posting.

I said: “Shahrir’s confirmation of the Sarawak Report posting is an acknowledgement of the credibility and reliability of the reports in the Sarawak Report website although it has been accused of being recklessly irresponsible in making baseless allegations against UMNO/Barisan Nasional leaders, but up to now, there has not been a single case of any Sarawak Report posting shown to false or untrue.”

There was thunderous silence from the eight Ministers and the tww Deputy Ministers to declare whether they have received funding from Najib’s RM2.6 billion personal accounts for 13th General Elections campaigning, and if so, how much they had each received.

The Ministers and Deputy Ministers who had served under Najib can no longer keep their silence, and all UMNO/BN parties, leaders and individuals who had received monies from Najib from 1MDB should publicly own up and donate equal amount of the “dirty money” that they had received to Tabung Harapan Malaysia as a sign of their contrition and redemption for aiding the abetting the 1MDB kleptocratic scandal, which plunged Malaysia into the infamy, ignominy and iniquity of a global kleptocracy and to help pay the trillion-ringgit national debt!

(Media Statement on Monday, 11th June 2018)

  1. #1 by pulau_sibu on Monday, 11 June 2018 - 5:45 pm

    yes, BN politicians should sell the properties in order to return the people’s money to the country

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