Bung Moktar’s tips will make UMNO an eternal opposition, never to return to the corridors of power

I am tickled no end by the tips given by UMNO Supreme Council member Bung Karno Radin on how to be an effective opposition.

He said Umno should adopt the mindset and modus operandi of Pakatan Harapan when the latter was still the federal opposition, “walloping” and throwing apparent allegations around with no fear of legal consequences.

He said: “They fight the (then-BN) government non-stop, they kept throwing speculation and as a result, many of them were charged in courts. They just walloped Umno and BN, they don’t care.

“So, we want to work out like that. Or better than the previous opposition.”

Bung Karno’s tips will make UMNO an eternal opposition, never to return to the corridors of power.

In my 53 years in Opposition politics, I never operated in the manner described by Bung Karno as the role of Opposition leaders, and I can say the same for the other Pakatan Harapan leaders.

I do not believe Malaysians voted for a change of government in Putrajaya because they support our fighting the Barisan Nasional non-stop, “walloping” UMNO and BN and throwing “apparent allegations around” with no fear of legal consequences.

This only shows the it is not just Najib Razak who has still to wake up from his bubble and denial syndrome over the UMNO/BN electoral disaster, many UMNO/BN leaders themselves have not really learnt the reasons why they had been rejected by the electorate in the 14GE.

I am prepared to give free tuition to UMNO/BN on how to be an constructive and effective opposition, for I want to see the historic and watershed 14GE on May 9,. 2018 plant firm roots of democracy in Malaysia – which means checks-and-balance mechanisms not only in the ruling parties themselves, but also effective and constructive roles by the Opposition, the media and civil society.

But DEFINITELY not the role of an Opposition envisaged by Bung Karno, which is dishonest, destructive and divisive for a democratic and successful Malaysian society.

(Media Statement in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday, 10th June 2018)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 10 June 2018 - 6:02 pm

    I do believe Bung Mokthar believes the lies they tell. They believe it because they have conditioned themselves to believe it and know no other truth. They WANT to be brainwashed because they do not have what it takes to deal with reality and the truth.

    This is why UMNO is only going to get worst. Its not just a mindset, its a framework which they live and breath, self-made – a bubble they got used to forcing on others, never having to confront the truth – until they lost power.

    They just want to get back to the bubble in all the ways they want. They lived in their own world and thought it was self-sustaining and would last forever – until it did not.

    Now they know no other world, no other framework, no other basis of just being.

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