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The Anti-Fake News Bill is in fact a Save Najib from 1MDB Scandal Bill which will criminalise all news about 1MDB scandal in Malaysia available worldwide and punishable as “fake news”

The 13th Parliament is treated with utter contempt in this last parliamentary meeting and the world is watching how a Parliament in a global kleptocracy is reduced into a farce and charade.

Yesterday, the constituency redelineation report of the Election Commission was rammed through Parliament, without giving MPs any time or opportunity whatsoever to get public feedback or seek public consultation on the Election Commission’s new constituency redelineation proposals, which made a mockery of the constitutional principles of one man, one vote, one value and an independent Election Commission which commands the confidence of Malaysians – just to maintain Malaysia as a global kleptocracy.

Today, Parliament is asked to pass the Anti-Fake News Bill which is nothing but a Save Najib from 1MDB Scandal Bill, which will criminalise all news about the 1MDB scandal in Malaysia which is available worldwide and punishable as fake news with excessive penalties of RM500,000 fine, 10 years jail or both.

I have been a victim of fake news and false information for decades, demonizing me as anti-Malay, anti-Islam; cause of May 13 riots in Kuala Lumpur in 1969 when I was never in Kuala Lumpur during the relevant period; agent of foreign powers one and the same time, agent of CIA, M16, KGB and Australian Intelligence; having received RM1 billion from Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to allow the entry of PPBM into Pakatan Harapan, received RM100 million from Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok, financed a news portal with RM40 million, received more than a billion ringgit from Israeli sources, and other monstrous and evil lies.

Are the Income Tax department and the Special Branch in Malaysia so inefficient, incompetent and unprofessional to allow such dastardly activities to take place in the past few decades without knowing about them? Read the rest of this entry »

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