Let 308 double anniversary foreshadow first change of Federal Government in Malaysia in 14GE as among other things, I believe there will be more women Ministers in the first Pakatan Harapan Cabinet

Today is a double anniversary for 8th March – International Women’s Day as well as the tenth anniversary of the urban political tsunami of the 12th General Election exactly 10 years ago.

Let the 308 double anniversary foreshadow the first change of Federal Government in Malaysia in the 14th General Election expected to be held in less than 70 days before mid-May, where Malaysia starts the journey on the world stage to become a normal democracy where voters can peacefully and democratically elect the Federal Government of their choice through the ballot box in a general election without any man-made chaos or catastrophe.

Let us enlarge the urban political tsunami ten years ago into a national political tsunami, encompassing rural political tsunami, where all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or region unite as Malaysians to re-set Malaysian nation-building direction and policies where all Malaysians can feel proud as Malaysians because the country becomes a show-case unity, harmony, justice, development and prosperity of a plural society to a troubled world instead of hurtling along the present trajectory towards a failed, rogue and kleptocratic state after six decades of nationhood.

Ten years ago, UMNO/BN lost five states in the 12th General Election – Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kedah and Kelantan.

Despite the trials and tribulations, the ups and downs, the past decade demonstrated that the anti-UMNO/BN votes in these five states was not an anti-Malay vote, but a vote for a better future for all Malaysians – Malays, Chinese. Indians and even Orang Asli.

Let us move from the politics to incite hatred and animosities along racial and religious lines to the politics to engender goodwill, unity and excellence among the diverse races, religions and cultures in the country – including ending gender discrimination and prejudices of all forms.

A Pakatan Harapan Federal Government will seek to take Malaysian accomplishments to a new and higher level – including the empowerment of Malaysian women in all fields of human endeavor.

I have no doubt, for instance, that there will be more women Cabinet Ministers in a Pakatan Harapan Federal Cabinet as compared to the present Cabinet.

(March 8th Double Anniversary Message in Parliament on Thursday, March 8, 2018)

  1. #1 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 8 March 2018 - 9:33 pm

    May I suggest that Selangor and Penang agree to term limits for MB job – BUT NOT LIFETIME LIMITS – JUST CONSECUTIVE – that way, successsful MB who need to come back can still do so and there is better renewal process for party and state..

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