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Can the MCMC guarantee that the new law with 10-fold hike in penalties for “fake news” would be used against both “sharks” and “ikan bilis” in government including Prime Minister Najib and not just against dissent?

The MCMC chief operating officer, Mazlan Ismail has suggested that the current punishments under Section 233(1) of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) be increased ten-fold from RM50,000 and one year’s jail sentence to RM500,000 and 10 years’ jail sentence.

Can the MCMC guarantee that such a law with 10-fold increase in penalties will be used fairly and impartially against all, regardless of their office or political affiliation, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers?

What is the use of proposing such a ten-fold increase if the MCMC cannot give a guarantee that nobody would be spared if guilty of concocting and peddling fake news and false information, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers? Read the rest of this entry »

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Only a change of Federal Government in Putrajaya can Malaysia stop the tide of corruption in Malaysia

In South Africa, 56 million people in the world’s 24th most populous nation are waiting for a new dawn after the forced resignation of Jacob Zuma as South African President after a tenure marked by corruption scandals.

The new President, Cyril Ramaphosa in his first state of the nation address on Friday, said it’s time for South Africans to put discord behind them and that the country will “turn the tide” on corruption in state institutions.

Time will tell whether Ramaphosa can fulfil his promise to end systematic corruption, the alarming economic decline and a steady descent into deep state dysfunction and demonstrate South Africa’s legendary capacity to pull off a comeback at five minutes to midnight. Read the rest of this entry »

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