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50-year dependence of villagers of Kampong Kelanaan in Melalap on rainwater a clear case of criminal neglect of development needs of people of Sabah when DAP Impian Sabah resolved their problem in seven days with solar-pump clean water project costing RM50,000

This solar-pump clean water project at Kampong Kelanaan in Melalap, Tenom is the fourth mini-infrastructure project by DAP Sabah Impian Malaysia team which I had to privilege of launching since Friday, firstly a water gravity project at Kampong Pangas Ulu in Keningau, secondly, a water gravity project in Kampong Magatang in Sook, Pensiangan, a third a solar-pump clean water project at Kampong Molosok, Dalit, Pensiangan.

For 50 years, the fifty households in Kampong Kelanaan in Melalap comprising Lun Dayeh people had to depend on rain for their water supply.

Despite repeated pleas by the villagers in Kampong Kelanaan for help to resolve their water, road and land problems, no help was forthcoming at all, although the State Assemblyman for Melalap is none other than the Minister for Rural Development Datuk Radin Malleh.

In desperation, the villagers of Kampong Kelanaan sought help from DAP Sabah Impian Malaysia, which ended the 50 years of dependency of Kampong Kelanaan villagers on rain for water supply by building a solar-pump clean water project in seven days with five DAP Sabah Impian Malaysia personnel, five volunteers from Penang, Johore and Selangor and gotong-royong effort by 50 villagers.

The whole project cost RM50,000! Read the rest of this entry »