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Sabah can teach Malaysia and the world on the importance of spreading the values of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect with zero tolerance for extremism and fanaticism of any form

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak said this morning that Malaysia has to also win the ideological warfare to address the threat of terrorism instead of only with the use of military and police assets and through arrests.

He said at the monthly assembly of the Prime Minister’s Department at Dataran Perdana Putra in Putrajaya this morning that the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul, Manchester (United Kingdom), Marawi (the Philippines), Jakarta and London were serious and most saddening, and it was important to win the ideological warfare against the threat of terrorism, but more than that it was vital ‘to understand what Islam really is, what it demands of us’.

I fully agree with the Prime Minister, and this is why Najib should reconsider the thrust of his Global Movement of Moderates (GMM) initiative, for it serves no purpose to preach the Wasatiyyah principles of moderation, justice, fairplay, balance and excellence to the world to all nations and religions in the world, if in Malaysia, the Wasatiyyah principles of moderation, justice, fair play, balance and excellence are suffering face greater challenge in the country, with extremism in various forms rearing their ugly heads.
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Keningau and Pendalaman Sabah made history with 1963 Batu Sumpah and 1984 kebangkitan Tambunan – time to make history again in 14GE for new governments in Putrajaya and Sabah to make three Batu Sumpah pledges living commitments

Keningau is the oldest town in Sabah, full of history as the centre of the Sabah hinterlands.

When Malaysia was formed in 1963, Keningau made history with the Batu Sumpah which engraved in stone the three solemn pledges on religion, Orang Asal customs and land for which the Orang Asal in Sabah swore their loyalty to the new Malaysian nation; and again in December 1984, Sabah history was made with the Tambunan uprising in the historic by-election calling for the pledges and commitments in the Malaysia Agreement 1963 to be fully adhered to.

The time has come for the people in Keningau and Sabah Pendalaman to again make history in the forthcoming 14th General Election by working hand-in with all Sabahans and Malaysians for a change of governments in Putrajaya and Sabah to reset nation-building directions and policies to ensure that the principles and the pledges in the Merdeka Constitution 1957, Malaysia Agreement 1963, Batu Sumpah and Rukunegara are restored as bedrocks of nation-building for both Malaysia and Sabah.
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