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Will UMNO concede to PAS the 40 parliamentary seats and five state governments which PAS leaders declare as their objectives in 14GE?

Malaysians must put to rest once and for all the spectre and threat of May 13 racial riots in the 14th General Election by demonstrating that Malaysia is a normal democratic country where voters can peacefully and democratically through the ballot box elect a new government coalition in Putrajaya to look after the interests of all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region.

Political desperadoes are trying to create a hot-house atmosphere by the irresponsible politics of lies, hate and fear to banish reason and common sense and stampede Malaysian voters into believing that the next general elections is great battle of race vs race and religion vs religion.

This is completely untrue, for the 14GE is not any battle of race vs race or religion vs religion, but a battle between democracy vs kleptocracy – whether Malaysia can be saved from the trajectory of a failed and rogue state.

The 14GE is not a battle between Malays vs non-Malays or Muslim vs non-Muslims but a battle among Malaysians, regardless of race or religion on both sides, between those who on the one hand want Malaysia to reset nation-building directions and policies up save democracy and on the other hand, those who want Malaysia to continue on the road to kleptocracy, a failed and a rogue state. Read the rest of this entry »