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Just as the grit, commitment and stamina of DAP members for a just, democratic and progressive Malaysia had defeated four major “Black Ops” to destroy the DAP in past half a century, the most ambitious “Black Ops” campaign underway against DAP will also fail

In a month’s time on March 18, 2017 DAP will be celebrating our 51st anniversary since the registration of the party on 18th March 1966.

DAP is today solely because of the contributions, sacrifices and selflessness of veteran DAP leaders and members of the past half a century, and today we gather here to pay tribute to these DAP veterans in Johor, which has now been transformed from a political back-water state into a front-line state for the 14th General Elections, which will decide not only who will run Johor state government but also the Federal Government for the next five years after the 14th General Elections, which appears likely to be held this year.

The following tables showing the vote-share obtained by the various political parties from the 1969 to 2013 General Elections give an idea of how the Barisan Nasional, which had won as high as 77.3% of the total votes cast in the state in 1978 GE and fallen to 53.9% in the 2013 GE, is now fighting a life-and-death struggle to retain power in the Johor State Government in the 14GE.

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