We Salute You Mr. Lim Kit Siang! Happy 75th Birthday!

By Martin Jalleh

When the ruling coalition dishes out what is most politically expedient,
you remain principled and unwavering in your political journey.

When the same spent politicians declare only what is most convenient,
you steadfastly and consistently live out your firm convictions.

When the powers that be compromise on what is right and just,
you show unflinching courage in fighting for justice and truth.

When greedy and corrupt leaders brazenly bleed this country dry
You leave no stone unturned to ferret out the guilty.

When the dominant dying party desperately resorts to gutter politics,
you remain a gutsy fighter , gentleman and giant amongst pygmy rivals.

When self-serving insecure leaders are bent on purveying a culture of fear,
you are a fierce undaunting clarion call for greater fortitude and freedom.

When warlords, zealots and bigots ferment discord, distrust and division
You relentlessly foster your dream of a genuine “Malaysian Malaysia”.

When your detractors twice imprisoned you under the Internal Security Act
You showed no bitterness but remained indomitable and indefatigable.

When, once, the people of Penang rejected you and your party
You showed even greater resolve and won their hearts – and the State.

When your party was near death, and some wrote your political obituary
You rose from the ashes and brought it to its current height of glory!

When your rivals assumed that you were predictable and easily beaten
You ventured where angels feared to tread, you defied the odds — and won.

When your opponents hurl cruel allegations and accusations at you
You humbly soldier on and leave them to their ignominious fate!

When the government imposes a plethora of repressive laws to survive
You refuse to yield to its intimidation and unleash a greater driving passion!

When the Speaker of Parliament attempts to shut you up by suspending you
You hold parliament with new MPs — members of the public– everywhere you go.

Thank you Mr Lim Kit Siang!

Often confronted by the official hype and hypocrisy of the day
– you give us hope!

As the PM leads the nation into abysmal political backwaters
– you continue to create waves of political change!

When Ministers display their ignorance, insolence and incompetence
– you have been a true form of inspiration and a model of integrity!

We salute you Mr Lim Kit Siang!

You are a towering Malaysian – a true statesman – a triumphant politician!

Happy 75th Birthday and may the Force be with you!

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