MH370 tragedy – will relatives of the 239 passengers and crew who perished on 8th March 2014 receive proper compensation for their loss?

Every time MH370 slips out of the newspapers, it is brought sharply back into focus by the emergence of another lead as to its final resting place.

In August 2015, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak assured Malaysians that debris found near the Reunion Islands, in the Indian Ocean, was “conclusively confirmed” to be from MH370.

However, just a few days ago, news reports suggested that debris washed up in Southern Thailand could have come from MH 370.

Will Malaysians and the world ever find out what happened to MH370?

Will the relatives of the 239 passengers and crew on board MH370 on that fateful flight on 8th March 2014 ever receive compensation for their loss?

The second question may be answered more readily than the first.

The law firm of Podhurst Orseck P.A., which is based in Miami, USA and specializes in aviation law, is representing some 50 passengers of MH370 in a suit to be filed shortly in the Malaysian Courts against MAS and the Government of Malaysia, to claim compensation under the Montreal Convention for the families of those 50 passengers.

The Montreal Convention allows higher damages to be awarded, and makes it more difficult, for MAS to limit its liability for the death of these passengers.

This lawsuit must be filed by 1st March 2016.

Only 1 Malaysian passenger’s family is represented in that law suit.

There were other 37 Malaysian passengers and 12 crew members on board MH370, whose families also deserve compensation.

I would urge them to immediately contact Mr. Roy Altman of Messrs Podhurst Orseck S.A at +1 305358 2800 / [email protected] so that they can join in this law suit.

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