Tweets on “Save Kuala Krai Convoy Mission” (1.1.2015)

1.Visit to Kuala Krai today (1.1.2015), esp desolate town with Kuala Krai MP Dr. Mohd Hatta after ravages of flood catastrophe, unforgettable.

2. Woes grievances unhappiness of people of Kuala Krai (from “horse’s mouth” so to say) over flood catastrophe eloquent/moving – being totally abandoned!

3. Met flood victims – every Malay Chinese Indian in Kuala Krai – from all races who have one common universal grouse: they need help and urgently.

4. Today full mobilisation by DAP States MPs SAs activists for relief of Kuala Krai and other flood-ravaged areas like Mentakab Gua Musang Kota Bharu.

5. Three containers of over 3,000 cartons of essential supplies distributed in Kuala Krai – 2 from Penang 1 from Johor. Also some 60 FWDs of reliefs

6. Sixty-odd FWDs of reliefs came from Penang (more than 20) Selangor KL (more than 20) NSembilan Johor. Whole Floods Relief Ops under leadership of Anthony Loke

7. MPs/SAs who took part in today’s Ops include WongHW, DannyLaw, Rayer, TehLH (Pg); TeoKS, ArulK (NS) n 2MPs/7SAs from Johor -LiewCT, ErTH etc

8. Penang “Save Kuala Krai” Convey Mission flagged off by DAP SG LGE at 1.30 am, reached Bentong 8 am – journeyed for 15 hours to reach Kuala Krai.

9. Johor DAP had two teams – Kelantan (1container each for Kuala Krai and Kota Bharu) Mentakab (1 container). Kelantan team – SAs HonPin, ShuQi, CaiTung, Yi Hou MP Liew CT

10. Mentakab team – SAs PekCheng PekChoo EngGuan MP ErTH. All who took part in Floods Relief Ops great sons/daughters of Msia. Help for all Msians.

11. Thanks to all public support for Floods Relief Ops -Anthony led three relief missions to Kuala Krai. We help flood victims regardless of race/religion/place

12. My visit to Kuala Krai is my 2nd visit to Kelantan in five days over the floods catastrophe. More public support needed for Flood Relief Ops. Let all Malaysians unite as one people over floods.

  1. #1 by boh-liao on Friday, 2 January 2015 - 2:08 pm

    What’s Perkosa’s n Isma’s stand on non-Muslims/infidels donating n supplying aids n foods 2 Muslims during dis period?
    CAN arh?

  2. #2 by Sallang on Saturday, 3 January 2015 - 11:02 am

    Shabas! DAP.
    We help with what we can afford, knowingly DAP do not have the millions like BN/UMNO to announce to the world.

    Anthony Loke The Great, with good coordination.
    Thanks to the business communities and donors for making this effort a success.

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