Flood evacuees eager to return home

Dec 30, 2014

FLOODS The bright, sunny weather and receding flood waters have allowed many evacuees to return to their respective homes after spending six days at the evacuation centre.

A Bernama survey at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulai Serai in Dungun, Terengganu, found more than 500 victims housed there already packing and preparing to return home.

However, the water level at the homes of flood victims in Kampung Alor Mak Bah had still not subsided.

The victims told Bernama that due to the rapidly rising water, they failed to save any belongings because the flood this time was beyond their expectation.

A resident, Che Mohd Samat, 57, said he was living with his two sons and had packed some things and placed them in high places.

“This area frequently floods, but the water never reached the waist or this high before,” he told Bernama in Dungun today.

Normally, the flood will subside within two to three days, but now it’s almost a week since Thursday and the water has not receded.

Che Mohd said the sunny weather allowed him to return home and see the situation there and if possible, clean the house.

“I was quite shocked to see the condition the house was in and the water level that had entered the house. All the electrical things and furnishings in the house have been damaged and things had also been swept away by the flood,” he said.

– Bernama

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