Najib’s plan may turn out to be ‘Never Really Plan’

– Kennee Wong
The Malaysian Insider
February 26, 2014

Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak penned an article about the government’s new initiative for a more cohesive and united Malaysia.

Called the National Reconciliation Plan (NRP), it will be unveiled and implemented in the next few months and he has shared a bit of what is to come.

I cannot help but to wonder if the NRP will be another irresolute proposal that will have little consequence towards the improvement of our nation’s race and interfaith relations.

I commend him for the courage to voice his aspiration for a better Malaysia.

It takes a bold resolve on any authority figure to approach such a delicate situation head-on.

Enthusiastic terminologies aside, I find he has shared nothing more than wishful thinking that all peace-loving public has long thought of.

I had been pining for a more decisive and authoritative conduct from my prime minister, and not simply lament over the current state of affairs we are finding ourselves in.

At this deteriorating juncture, we can ill afford another stop-gap measure.

Back in 2011, we had a glimmer of hope when the 10-point solution was drawn up.

It is now, however, a subject of scorn and ridicule as the government seemed to have backtracked on the agreement.

The seizure of Alkitab in Selangor in January 2014 was a good example.

It was a convenient revelation that state religious laws will override the 10-point solution even when there was a comprehensive mention of country and the peninsula in the first and second points.

What use is a promise when it is ineffectual when it comes to resolving matters of interfaith discords at the executive level?

I have never felt so belittled for exercising my democratic right to vote in the last general election.

It was barely hours after the results when the prime minister proclaimed that a “Chinese tsunami” was the reason for Barisan Nasional’s declined support.

Surely, a more thorough post-mortem ought to have been conducted before issuing such a premature and pandering assumption.

The excuse was later debunked, but never to be acknowledged formally by BN.

As much as I would like to see less racial hatred in our multicultural society, I do not think highlighting the nuances of a Malay policeman helping an old Chinese woman crossing the street will be a good example.

It would only serve to reinforce the racial differentiation in an otherwise colour-blind society that we should be striving for.

Alternatively, I would prefer to see politicians put an end to making irresponsible statements with regard to race relations and interfaith matters and reprimand their colleagues when they misbehave.

Instead of sweeping news coverage of extremists under the carpet, the right approach has to be at the root of the vexation itself.

While it is decorous not to provide a pedestal for the extremists to be lionised, they cannot be dispensed from justice as a deterrence for other heinous stunts.

Cowardly acts of subversion may be ignored by the rakyat, but action from the authority has to be unwavering and they cannot be seen dragging their feet when it comes to procedural investigation.

It has often fascinated me how much we have progressed since Malaysia’s independence, owing to the profusion of technological advancements.

The immediacy of information and news should match our growth as a nation.

In spite of that, it is also the abuse by reckless parties for political expedience that we are regressing at a worrying rate.

The prime minister’s call for reconciliation will need a more methodical approach instead of mere rhetoric if he wants to see a positive outcome, otherwise his NRP would be fast known as No Real Purpose or Never Really Plan. – February 26, 2014.

  1. #1 by winstony on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 7:28 am

    Have Malaysians ever ask themselves why we even need such National Reconciliation Plan or even Interfaith discussions and such?
    Because the scums have been instigating discord among Malaysians in order to gain favour with a specific race and religion!!!
    On the other hand, they are also coming up with all sorts of plans and discussions to gain brownie points with the other races and religion.
    So, they are trying to be the devils and the saints at the same time!!!
    Why should Malaysians buy these nonsense?
    They should all work unceasingly to kick these devils out of Putrajaya so that they cannot cause any more turmoil to the people of this country.

  2. #2 by yhsiew on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 8:01 am

    If Najib could get the National Reconciliation Plan into operation before announcing it, he will gain more trust from the rakyat.

  3. #3 by undertaker888 on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 8:23 am

    With a proven track records of them negating on such plans previously, why would this be any different?

    It is just another New Rhetorics Plan.

  4. #4 by lee tai king (previously dagen) on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 8:34 am

    A case of flogging the dead horse called 1Malaysia.

    And giving the dead animal a new name will not bring it back to its feet.

    It wont work jib.

    Endless Possibilities.
    Unlimited Stupidity.
    Kangkung Mentality.

  5. #5 by Bigjoe on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 10:21 am

    Forget about Najib’s plan, the real issue for reformist is whether ANYONE ELSE in UMNO HAVE A PLAN at all?

    If you ask me, the only real rationale voice is Daim which he usually does not show publicly. But all the pieces of desperation IS showing and he is not without a good idea – focus on the Malays/bumis and a broad spectrum of it not just the extremist, spend on rural development especially on education, welfarism only on the desperate and also for Malays only – forget the non Malay and non-bumi votes. Its a good plan. Morally disgusting but its still a good plan..

  6. #6 by PRmaju on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 11:34 am

    It is really a tragedy for Malaysians. After 50+ years of independence, we have degenerated to such low level that we have a PM who has the lowest credibility, the most untrustworthy , the most incompetent, has low intellect, low integrity, no honour , shameless misuse of taxpayers’ money, full of empthy talks , dereliction of high office duty, speaking with forked tongue, and much more …

  7. #7 by boh-liao on Thursday, 27 February 2014 - 9:03 pm

    HOW MUCH his consultants got PAID 4 NRP
    Rakyat kena cheated again

  8. #8 by boh-liao on Saturday, 1 March 2014 - 8:18 am

    Never Regret Paying (NRP) more n more 2 Perkosa-UmnoB/BN kaki n their cronies
    A nice long-awaited sequel 2 NEP (Never Ending Paying Perkosa-UmnoB/BN kaki n their cronies)
    Happy days r always here 4 Perkosa-UmnoB/BN kaki n their cronies

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