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How pathetic, now MCA must get its candidature to be cleared not only by UMNO but even by Perkasa!

Again the MCA newspaper The Star has blacked out my second reply to the daily MCA political offensive against me in the run-up to the Kajang by-election which is still 32 days away.

On Monday, the “7-11” political party, MCA, launched its political offensive against me, using a lowly MCA flunkey in a report entitled “MCA dares Kit Siang to explain why he is afraid of directly offending UMNO”.

I gave a 15-paragraph reply but not a word came out in the Star.

Yesterday, another MCA lackey was used to launch a second attack on me, entitled “Stop picking on MCA, Lim told”.

I issued a 24-paragraph reply. Of course it did not see the light of day in the MCA Star. Read the rest of this entry »


What is IGP doing and where is the rule of law when merchants of hate could openly threaten “volcanic eruption” with the intensification of their campaign of hate?

The question Malaysians are asking today is where is the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar and where is the rule of law in Malaysia when merchants of hate could openly threaten “volcanic eruption” with intensification of their campaign of hate to incite racial and religious animosities, hatred, conflict and tension in the country.

The merchants of hate, who had been escalating the racial and religious tensions in the country in the past several months with an incessant incitement of racial and religious animosities, hatred and conflict have delivered a very clear message that they would not cease and desist from their nefarious and treacherous designs to cause racial chaos and religious conflagration in the country.

This clear message was delivered in the interview with The Malaysian Insider (TMI) by two spokesmen of the self-styled “Council of Islamic NGOs” which staged the Feb. 6 demonstration in Kuala Lumpur offering RM1,200 (now raised to RM2,000) for anyone who slap DAP National Vice Chairperson and MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok for the “Onederful Malaysia CNY 2014” video and the “chicken-slaughtering and blood smearing” on images of DAP and Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Read the rest of this entry »


They slaughtered, but I dissect Teresa’s video

Stephen Ng
18th Feb 2014

Public figures will be subject to public ridicule and satire, whether they like it or not, unless they choose to be out of the public domain like Malaysia’s fifth prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

We all know Bill Clinton was impeached, and was forced to step down as the president of America because of the sex scandal. Even Barack Obama is not spared from political satire.

Cartoonists have rightfully poked fun at the politicians for ridiculous things that were said, and unless you are Mao Zedong, you have to live with public cynicism for what you say in public even years after you have kicked the bucket. Read the rest of this entry »


On the eve of the Teachers’ Spring?

Azly Rahman
Feb 14, 2014

“School-based assessment”, “Data-driven decision-making”, “Professional Learning Communities”, “Systems-based schooling”, “Authentic-based assessment”.

All these are nice words for Malaysian schools to have but alien to teachers driven to death by administrative work to even understand let alone enculturalise scientific thinking in teaching and learning and in managing student progress.

We have a society with scientific buzz-word and sloganism governing, but not yet a society whose members value scientific and rational thinking. That is why we have tribal practices in schools, of:

*Magic pills administered for students taking tests;

*Magic and miracle water drank to increase intelligence;

*Strange sounding pills sold to enhance brain power;

*Teachers punishing students to eat grass, asking them to go back to where they belong, and all kinds of methods used to punish children not skilled in memorising facts that will become obsolete.

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Onederfully wanton NGOs

Mariam Mokhtar
Feb 17, 2014

Ironically, Teresa Kok’s ‘Onederful Malaysia’ film, has managed to ‘unite’ Malaysians, in a perverse way. The characters in her satirical video speak Chinese, and the clip has both Chinese and English subtitles. Incredibly, non-Chinese people, ranging from the mighty Mahathir Mohamad to nondescript Malay NGOs, have watched this video. Teresa has managed to engage Malaysians, in true ‘1Malaysia’ fashion.

Credit must be given to the Malay/Muslim NGOs. They have generated interest in Teresa’s video and exposed the hidden, serious messages, to a much larger audience than if they had not publicised the video.

The Malay/Muslim NGOs know that they are above censure and can expose whomsoever they wish. No mainstream media would dare expose the profligacy of a certain spouse of a prime minister of a South-East Asian nation. The last paper to publish her alleged extravagance had its fingers singed, when the paper’s printing permit was revoked.

Abdul Rani Kulup, the chairperson of the Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah Malaysia (MJMM) is the first person to publicly state that he thinks that Mrs Jit, in Teresa’s video, is Najib Abdul Razak’s spouse, the self-styled ‘First Lady’ Rosmah Mansor. It would be interesting to learn his basis for this assumption.

Abdul Rani is either very foolish or a very brave man. Perhaps, he has a personal grudge against Najib and is providing ammunition to the faction within Umno Baru which is trying to bring Najib down. Read the rest of this entry »