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Keutamaan bagi Pakatan Rakyat ialah untuk membentuk majlis strategik peringkat tertinggi untuk menyusun rancangan menawan Putrajaya dalam pilihanraya akan datang

Tahniah diucapkan kepada pimpinan dan perwakilan PAS atas kejayaan melaksanakan Muktamar ke-59 di peringkat kebangsaan, pemuda, dan wanita dengan lancar sehingga menggagalkan usaha para penyusun konspirasi Umno yang telah bekerja lebih masa menerusi media sosial di ruang siber untuk mewujudkan perseteruan dan perpecahan dalam PAS dan untuk menghancurkan kesatuan matlamat Pakatan Rakyat. Muktamar yang baru berlangsung itu memberi harapan kepada majoriti rakyat Malaysia yang percaya bahawa politik dua pakatan di Malaysia masih hidup dan bertenaga.

Timbalan Presiden PAS Mohamad Sabu menyedarkan semua orang apabila beliau menyebut dalam ucapan penggulungannya bagi Muktamar ke-59 itu bahawa PAS tidak akan berkembang ke luar pantai timur semenanjung jika parti itu tidak menyertai Pakatan Rakyat bersama PKR dan DAP.

Kata Sabu:

“Kalau PAS berjuang secara sendirian, sudah tentunya jajahan kita tidak lebih daripada Rantau Panjang (utara Kelantan) sehingga Kemaman (Terengganu).

“Di bawah Pakatan Rakyat, jajahan kita melebar sehingga ke Selangor dan Insya Allah sampai ke Johor.”

Pada tahun 1999, PAS mendapat faedah besar daripada kemarahan orang terhadap BN berikutan krisis politik dan ekonomi 1998 sehingga ia memenangi 27 kerusi parlimen dan 98 kerusi DUN, menjadikannya parti pembangkang terbesar.
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Top priority for Pakatan Rakyat is to set up a high-level PR 14GE strategic council to plan for the capture of federal government in Putrajaya in next general elections

Congratulations are in order to PAS leaders and delegates for a very successful 59th Muktamar at national, youth and wanita levels, causing great disappointments to UMNO plotters and conspirators who had worked overtime through their printed or social media in cyberspace to sow dissension and distrust within PAS ranks and to sabotage the unity of purpose of Pakatan Rakyat and giving hope to enlightened Malaysians who comprise the majority of the electorate that two-coalition politics in Malaysia is here to stay as it is very much alive and kicking.

PAS Deputy President Mohamad Sabu struck the nail on the head when he pointed out in his winding-up speech at the 59th Muktamar that PAS would only be a regional party confined to the east coast of the peninsula if it had not entered into a pact with PKR and DAP in Pakatan Rakyat.

As Sabu succinctly said:

“Without Pakatan, our area of dominance would only stretch from Rantau Panjang (in northern Kelantan) to Kemaman (southern Terengganu).

“But with Pakatan, we conquered Selangor and, God willing, it will be Johor next.”

In 1999, when PAS benefitted most from the backlash against BN because of the 1998 political and economic crisis, it won 27 parliament and 98 state seats making it the largest opposition party.
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Plagiarism: Much more than storm in Tee cup

By Dr. Lim Teck Ghee | Monday, 25 November 2013 00:43

The case of prominent Utusan Malaysia columnist, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, who has been accused of plagiarism should be of public concern for several reasons.

Firstly, within academia, there are few worst sins than plagiarism. The term “sin” may appear to be too strong but Ridhuan Tee who, regularly from his Utusan Malaysia pulpit, dishes out his pseudo-intellectual views on developments in the country from a supposedly Islamic perspective probably will understand better the use of this term in the context of the wrongdoing he is alleged to have committed. Or then again, perhaps he does not.

Generally, university students enrolled in any university in the world – whether reputable or not – are taught right from the start that they cannot simply lift or copy the work of others without acknowledging and citing the source. This is cardinal rule number 1 – the need to differentiate between one’s own work and that of others.

The rule is rigorously enforced not only to encourage the student to engage in fresh and original work that stems from his own thought processes but also to protect the intellectual property rights of others whose works, ideas or words have been borrowed.

In the case of the allegation made against Ridhuan, apparently he has copied not only entire paragraphs but also the grammatical errors which appeared in the original blog article.
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The Economic Reality of Malaysia Today

A speech by Y.B.M. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
The Perak Academy, Perak Lectures in Ipoh: 15th Series 2nd Talk
Saturday, 23rd November, 2013, at 8.00 p.m.


Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would like to thank the Academy for inviting me a second time to give a talk on the current state of the economy. After the presentation of Budget 2014 in Parliament last month and the ongoing debate in the august house, the state of the economy is indeed a relevant question to ask. Economic reality however may not be what it is made out to be when one engages in political debate in respect of the Budget: often it is the unstated issues in the Budget and its underlying strategies and proposals that should be of great concern to thinking Malaysians.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

2. The Budget 2014 projects that GDP growth rate next year will likely be around 4.5 to 5% and 5.5% in 2015. These figures had remained in that range for the past budgets since 2000, reflecting some kind of paralysis of policy given the global economic situation and our own model of growth that depends so much on our external markets and the optimism of foreign interests in our economy. But, these figures conceal some forewarnings that are not highlighted.

3. Take for instance, the budget deficits, which had remained in negative territory for over twenty years; now the Najib government has promised to bring the budget into balance by 2020. The federal deficit has been sustained by borrowings that are now reaching close to the statutory debt ceiling of 55% of GDP. In fact the federal debt levels in absolute terms doubled since Dato’ Seri Najib took over as Prime Minister. Coupled with private debt currently at 83% of GDP (an issue I will come back to later), the total debt exposure which will have to be carried over into the next generation will now approach 140% of GDP at current prices by the end of the year. Read the rest of this entry »


Dr Dzul: Sokongan Melayu kepada DAP meningkat, PKR, PAS menurun

Oleh Mohd Farhan Darwis
The Malaysian Insider
November 24, 2013

PKR menerima penurunan tertinggi sokongan masyarakat Melayu.PKR menerima penurunan tertinggi sokongan masyarakat Melayu.Sokongan masyarakat Melayu kepada DAP ketika Pilihan Raya Umum 2013 (PRU13) meningkat, namun sokongan etnik berkenaan terhadap rakan komponen Pakatan Rakyat (PR) yang lain mengalami penurunan, kata Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

Ahli Jawatankuasa Kerja (AJK) PAS Pusat itu ketika membentangkan dapatan itu di Muktamar Tahunan PAS ke-59 PAS berkata, PKR menerima penurunan tertinggi sokongan masyarakat Melayu, iaitu sebanyak 7%, dan sokongan Melayu terhadap PAS turut menurun 2%.

DAP bagaimanapun menerima peningkatan sokongan sebanyak 2%.

“Bagaimanapun, sokongan masyarakat Melayu terhadap PAS meningkat di Terengganu dan Johor,” kata bekas ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor itu di Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam hari ini. Read the rest of this entry »

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5 lessons from PAS’s muktamar

November 24, 2013

PAS members show that they are firmly in charge of the party’s destination at this year’s muktamar. – The Malaysian Insider pic, November 24, 2013.PAS members show that they are firmly in charge of the party’s destination at this year’s muktamar. – The Malaysian Insider pic, November 24, 2013.One of the most fiercely contested PAS muktamar in recent history is over and once again PAS delegates have shown that they are masters of their party’s destination.

No amount of campaigning from well-meaning Umno leaders or its mouthpiece, “Utusan Malaysia”, could sway the votes at the 59th PAS Muktamar.

There were five important lessons that could be deduced from this muktamar:

1. Beware the enemy’s support

For the second time, party leaders, especially those running for the deputy president’s position found that endorsement from “Utusan Malaysia” is not going to get you anywhere. Support from Utusan Malaysia, Umno leaders and former discredited party leaders for ulama, particulary Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, did not land them the coveted deputy president’s post. Read the rest of this entry »

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