My Beautiful Malaysia, My Dream Malaysia

by Allan CF Goh
Feb 7, 2013

My dream Malaysia is full of charms,
With white beaches and tall swaying palms.
The redolent air is fresh and cool,
Blowing with gentle, caressing balm,
Not ravaged by ugly constructions,
Mother nature is blessedly calm.

Malaysia empowers greenery;
Forests grow in protected freedom.
Myriad flowers bloom in ecstasy,
To thrill us from unwanted boredom.
Native animals are free to roam;
Their habitats are saved by wisdom.

This country is a peaceful nation,
Where people live in real maturity.
Each respects the other’s differences,
Celebrating our diversity.
We live within shared common values,
Forging a lasting unity.

Malaysians embrace creative fun;
Citizens live with true harmony.
They pursue fruitful activities,
Undisturbed by vile cacophony.
People are endowed with civil rights
Sharing their lives’ blissful symphony.

My dream land boasts of a government,
Most answerable to the people;
Its’ job is to run the State wisely,
Not to indulge in foolish squabble.
Parliament must ensure full justice,
And make people’s lives rich and simple.

My country exudes inspired fairness;
True justice is the accepted norm.
Laws are applied with good clarity,
In a good legally balanced form.
The aspirations of citizens,
Are not crushed in any man-made storm.

My dreamland always enjoys free press.
Print “The truth nothing but the truth” must
Be the media’s guiding principle,
And be its true professional mast.
All lies in any form must be purged
By principled people in its cast.

The authority runs elections,
Which are really fair and transparent.
Every eligible citizen
Is entitled, in ways coherent,
To be enfranchised without much farce,
To guarantee his right inherent.

My dream Malaysia supports fair voting,
Where the ratio of seats to voters
Are justly, sensibly determined,
To ensure people-power better.
Elections are for choosing good folks,
Not having rascals from the gutter.

The good educational system
Produces the best true scholarship,
In knowledge, thinking and new research.
It maintains a clear, proud leadership,
To provide the best learning chances,
Even to those in hapless hardship.

The country is full of genteel folks,
Who are learned and humbly courteous.
People know their civil liberties,
And firmly stand by what are righteous.
Yet they are very compassionate,
In solving plights in ways courageous.

People in beautiful Malaysia,
Are free to pursue their potential.
There is no uncalled for obstacle;
This is premised by the judicial.
We can all thrive without racist strife,
Pursuing real needs, nothing racial.

Can beautiful Malaysia really
Come true? A real possibility?
Yes, if all good citizens come forth
And bear their responsibility.
To lead and serve the State truthfully,
We need people of morality.

The nation cannot afford at all
Selfish leaders, men incapable,
Corrupt men and prejudiced visions
Will lead the State to ends ignoble.
My dream is for a best Malaysia,
A Malaysia that is laudable.

  1. #1 by lee tai king (previously dagen) on Thursday, 7 February 2013 - 6:11 pm

    Whack. Whack.
    Stomp. Stomp.

    … there! Your dream.



    And bombed to bits by umno.

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