Shame on you, Shahrizat: You are a fear-monger

— P. Ramakrishnan
Nov 30, 2012

NOV 30 — As a former minister, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil should have more sense to be responsible and appreciate the democratic process. Instead, she comes across as someone who is not prepared to accept the verdict of the people in a democratic election if that verdict went against Umno.

Is she planting the seeds of hatred in the minds of Umno members and instigating them to run amok and create havoc?

How does one view her statement when she said at the Wanita Umno assembly: “If we are no longer in power, we would lose political stability. Certainly, the Malays, the majority in this country, would be unsettled” (Malaysiakini, November 28).

“I am concerned and worried that this would bring racial tensions that could lead to a repeat of the May 13, 1969 tragedy.”

Is she threatening Malaysians that there will be a recurrence of the May 13, 1969 tragedy if Umno were to lose power? Why should that be so? Is she calling on Umno members to get ready to do the unthinkable if they were forced by the electorate to vacate Putrajaya?

Is she aware of the terrible consequence of rioting following the likely routing of Umno? She doesn’t care to think for a moment of the destruction and the loss of innocent lives that can ensue in such an eventuality. Her concern seems not to be for the well-being of the country and the people but only focused on remaining in power at whatever cost.

This is utterly irresponsible!

Her unintelligent gibberish only bewilders thinking Malaysians. Consider this for a moment when she rambles: “We must address this now if we don’t want to be refugees in our own land. A split in the Malay vote would dull the political power of the Malays.”

How can citizens become refugees in their country? Refugees are people who flee their own country because they no longer feel safe for their lives. Refugees run away to another country for some valid reasons: political oppression, social upheavals, unrest, persecution, absence of rule of law, absence of protection from the government, inability to eke out a livelihood, etc.

Can anyone foresee this ever happening in this country i.e. people being forced to flee? She has to exaggerate this lie to create fear and horror in the minds of unthinking Umno members!

How would “a split in the Malay vote dull the political power of the Malays”? The Malay vote has been split for decades. That has not dulled the political power of the Malays. This goes to show that Umno doesn’t necessarily equate with the Malays, and vice versa. The political reality is much more complex than Umno would like us to believe. Besides, Malays, like any other ethnic group in the country, should instead unite around noble principles of justice, equality and compassion.

Take Kelantan, for example. There was and has been a split in the Malay vote but has that dulled the political power of the Malays? Has that forced Umno members to seek refuge elsewhere outside the country?

There was a change in government in Kedah. Has that dulled the political power of the Malays? How many Umno members fled Kedah to seek safer haven elsewhere?

Take the case of Perak that was taken over by the Pakatan Rakyat. In recognising the political reality and the make-up of the polity of this country, Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin was appointed the mentri besar of Perak. Obviously, Pakatan was very sensitive to the Malay sentiment and did not do anything that could be upsetting. We are not aware if Umno members were involved in any exodus from Perak!

Then there is Penang, which fell to Pakatan Rakyat in March 2008. In keeping with the tradition and original understanding — unlike Malacca — Lim Guan Eng was sworn in as chief minister. There was no unrest. There was no flight of refugees from Penang.

So there is no basis to claim that the Malays will become refugees or that their political power will be diminished. What has been established is the fact that change can be peaceful and that the harmony of the country will not necessarily be destroyed.

As long as we accept and respect the political process as a legitimate avenue of expression, political change will be without any untoward incident. By and large, the majority of Malaysians are peaceful, sensible and responsible. However we must be on the lookout for the few who may try and stir up trouble. We should leave them to the police to take care of.

Umno must be desperate if such lies have to be manufactured! —

  1. #1 by lee tai king (previously dagen) on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 1:33 pm

    Lembu ppl shoot from their hips. That is a well known fact.

  2. #2 by Winston on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 1:45 pm

    What can these scums do except to rehash all the tricks they have used so far?
    And even when Malaysians have long discounted them?
    What other tricks do they have to ensure their survival of the onslaught of the electorate in the next GE?
    None, whatsoever!
    All they can do is to prepare themselves to be brought to trial by the PR.
    And prepare themselves either to face the hangman or a long, long time in the slammer!

  3. #3 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 1:52 pm

    Zat racun.

    Rat racun.

    Racun rodentia.

  4. #4 by Bigjoe on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 2:18 pm

    I say it again, its NOT Shahrizat people should be looking at. THESE things – the threat of violence, chaos including “May 13” – its ALL NAJIB. Najib is the instigator and the progenitor..Shahrizat does not have the brains NOR the initiative to go out on the limb on this..

    All the signs shows its another one of Najib’s “outsourcing” idea – Get someone else to make the ugly noises while pretending to be the moderate one – his version of “good cop” and “bad cop” – when in fact he is BOTH..

    Shahrizat is already in political limbo land and need to curry favour from Najib to survive and comeback. She can’t risk being on the wrong side of anything. SHE has NO history of being controversial having been under the thumb of the mercurial Rafidah for decades. THIS does NOT have her handiwork on it..

    Muhiyiddin display of hesitation yet support the message and Mahathir support of this thing add even clearer proof its NAJIB’s handiwork.. Mahathir has long enough memory and sharp enough mind to know that this time its Malay Vs. Malay won’t work unlike May 13. It all has signs of prodigality in this – Najib..

  5. #5 by SENGLANG on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 2:54 pm

    No sensible Malaysians are believing in what she has said, neither are shocking on what she has said. For a desperate politician who if she has been a matured one will long has been resigned with dignity. To keep her political survival after her family NFC what choice does she has other than playing racist and fear politic? A dying politician like her what she did was the only way out if those stupid members do find her remain worth their supports and continue being their wanita leader. Any one with dignity and have any sense of shame will have long resign not to say remain thickened up her skin and remain in her current seat. But in UMNO that not surprising either as many of the leaders also stay long after their political life.

    One reason off course if she did voluntarily step down, the immediate repercussion of doing so is her family business and NFC will be open up wide and the most worrisome of course is that Sg Buloh jail will be welcoming her husband as another inmate. Thus she really have no choice but to fight till the very end.

  6. #6 by Noble House on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 3:01 pm

    These are desperate times for the incumbent, and that means the calls for desperate measures. When a government resorts to these moves, you know that it’s days are numbered!

  7. #7 by sheriff singh on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 3:16 pm

    Shahrizat should just go and look after whatever cows she has left on her farm. Or is she trying to cause a stampede with her cows with her wild rantings ? Maybe she is the lead cow. Maybe she has the mad cow disease. Whatever it is, she is just a plain, nobody cow now trying to act like a bull. She sure can syit though.

  8. #8 by Bunch of Suckers on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 3:54 pm

    Her tits are similar to those cows!!! She often shag those cows to inflate her owns instead of implanting!!!

  9. #9 by ShiokGuy on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 4:36 pm

    Shahrizat, you will be the refugee if PR gains power, because the law will come after you and your family in full force. We want our money back!

    I have a FB page call Ghost of Tuesday, May 13 1969.

    Tuesday, May 13 1969 is a ghost of the past, let keep it that way! Stop politicize the event, learn from it and move forward

    We will post anything about 513 there..


  10. #10 by monsterball on Friday, 30 November 2012 - 5:14 pm

    Shahrizat is a typical beeetttcceeee woman..found to be lying and corrupted and speaking like one.

  11. #11 by boh-liao on Saturday, 1 December 2012 - 2:10 am

    UmnoB, truly rotten n sick! 513 again 2 terrorise voters 2 vote 4 UmnoB/BN
    UmnoB kaki claimed they r g.od’s chosen ppl – O yea, those whom g.od wishes to destroy, he first makes mad
    They r desperate n who knows, may cause chaos 2 declare state of emergency
    Just like racist MMK, they might follow his strategy just b4 GE by splashing out full racist adverts in msm; voters must expect d worst n dirtiest in d coming GE

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