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Daydreaming or plain cocky?

Jeswan Kaur | November 1, 2012
Free Malaysia Today

Just why does BN/Umno find delight in playing the racism card when the issues beleaguering the rakyat are one too many?


The Barisan Nasional government is doing its worst to prevent the opposition alliance of Pakatan Rakyat from setting foot in Putrajaya and calling the shots.

Much castigation and accusations have been thrown upon Pakatan and its leaders by Umno, BN’s patronising arm.

Still, the rakyat seem eager to give Pakatan a chance to administer the nation, having had enough of ruling government BN’s domineering and rhetorics post-1957.

If BN is not puzzled as to why the rakyat are all thumbs-up for Pakatan, the former is either daydreaming or plain cocky.

To the people of this nation in particular the non-Malays, they have had it with the antics of BN’s top guns like Muhyiddin Yassin, the deputy prime minister.

Two years ago Muhyiddin stunned Malaysians when he claimed that he was a Malay first and then Malaysian.

Why should the people be in favour of BN as the ruling government when its leaders are doing all they can to perpetuate an agenda that only serves to discriminate and segregate Malaysians of different faiths? Read the rest of this entry »