The ‘ill-advised’ PM

– Gomen Man
The Malaysian Insider
Mar 10, 2012

MARCH 10 — I find it amusing that nothing that goes awry with policies or projects of this government is the fault of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

It is always someone else’s fault and the poor PM was “ill-advised”. The latest is that world-class sub-prime scheme called My First Home, where banks are supposed to provide 100 per cent financing for those earning RM3,000 and below.

Apparently, not one loan has been approved by the banks and the scheme is an abject failure. According to the National Homeowners Association, this was a ridiculous scheme and that the PM was ill-advised!

Really? He was ill-advised. Given the number of flip-flops, he does seem to be “ill-advised” more frequently than other leaders.

Najib’s supporters say that he was wrongly advised by Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein and the police on the “security threat” posed by Malaysians who marched for clean elections. Of course, this “ill-advised” defence was put forward only after the Bersih rally became an unmitigated disaster.

More recently, Najib scrapped civil service salary increases after approving them. Along the corridors of Putrajaya, the Public Service Department is being blamed for this blooper where senior civil servants were given huge pay increases while the lower rung received small increases.

Najib was worried that he would face an election backlash and that is why he scrapped the scheme, replacing it with another salary scheme.

If you follow his time as PM, there have been countless “ill-advised” schemes and ideas and every time somebody else was the culprit. Now according to The Malaysian Insider, the MAS-AirAsia share swap deal is being reconsidered by the same government which told us that this was the only option.

If the PM is constantly being “ill-advised”, I can only conclude that the Cabinet, civil service and Najib’s advisors are a pretty mediocre bunch. Or that our prime minister is not a diligent man and is prone to making too many

  1. #1 by Charsiupao on Saturday, 10 March 2012 - 11:26 pm

    The last Emperor of the Ming dynasty inherited a corrupt and hopeless administration, and despite his best intentions, the dynasty finally fell in his hands even if there were those before him who deserved the humbling disgrace far more than he did. The oft-quoted adjective for Chongzhen is “ill-advised”, but we have to accept that having lacked the wisdom to differentiate right from wrong he could not blame others for the failure of his administration. Chongzhen also had a bankrupt kingdom, the wealth of the nation pillaged by corrupt officers in the court, and by the time the Dashun dynasty took over Beijing, there was no money in the coffers to make the necessary changes to benefit the people. Najib, on the other hand, runs a country which is still keeping its head above the waters, albeit barely, and it is up to the rakyat to ensure that Najib, good intentions or otherwise, does not, like Chongzhen, hand over a ruined country to those who replace his dynasty’s mandate.

  2. #2 by tak tahan on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 12:20 am

    The whole idea and its conclusion is at its best to sum it up as ill-advised,not diligent,incompetence and a corrrupted lot of a ‘stray’ leader inherited from the same rotten batch of apples.

    Bapa borek anak rintik.

  3. #3 by yhsiew on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 12:46 am

    ///It is always someone else’s fault and the poor PM was “ill-advised”.///

    I believe some of the ideas came from the PM himself. When thing went wrong, his supporters would put the blame on another person so as to save the PM’s face!

  4. #4 by Cinapek on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 12:49 am

    ” If the PM is constantly being “ill-advised”, I can only conclude that the Cabinet, civil service and Najib’s advisors are a pretty mediocre bunch. Or that our prime minister is not a diligent man and is prone to making too many mistakes…”

    I think it is a combination of all of the above and more. When you HP6 ministers (TDM’s own words) who are “yes” men, you cannot expect too much good advice from this bunch. There are enough examples. Look at how the Tung Shin hospital case was handled in the aftermath of Bersih 2?

    The infamous NFC is another example. If Najib had good advisers they will tell him to ditch Sharizat and take immediate action to show he is sincere about fighting corruption. And of course, his own trhought process is also wanting. I am sure he can see what is wrong with the whole affair and yet he tries to avoid doing anything. He has only himself to blame for his habitual tendency to be in a state of denial whenever the going gets tough.

    And look at the latest controversies such as the EDL and the RM2.2bn road contract. Surely his advisers could see how absurd it is to ask motorists to pay for a service they did not use? And to add salt to injury they are trying to arm twist the motorists to pay 5 times what they are paying now. This is daylight robbery and if Najib was unaware of this at the start, he should have moved in quickly to resolve this. Instead he procrastinated and allowed it to balloon into an embarassing expose. As for the RM2.2bn highway, surely any sane person can see the improper nature of the award. All these indicates one thing. These mess are made by people in the Govt. (who either through arrogance or pure greed ) think they can get away with such scams. Add to that a PM who is so busy jet setting all over the world enjoying the high life that he does not have the time or inclination to do what he needs to do.

  5. #5 by k1980 on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 1:11 am

    “ill-advised” in blowing up Al-tantuyah?

  6. #6 by tak tahan on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 1:25 am

    F$%K Y78R M*&T89R!

    Come on,PM,show your best (could you once?) for this nation by ‘walk the talk’ and stop making fool of yourself,your bapak mak dan mertua and the whole of this national generation from the past till this present stage.We’re tired and fed up with your rhetorics and empty slogans which bring us to no where where we also came from no where to be exact,right?.. in the first place!

  7. #8 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 2:41 am

    1Malaysia was also ‘ill-advised’ as it is reportedly copied from 1Israel. Everything that was good for Israel cannot be applied in Malaysia.

    That Wagyu beef on the menu for that engagement party was also ‘ill-advised’. The cows were fed with beer and they were also massaged so that the beef will be good quality. So those lucky 36 people who ate the beef must be full of alcohol. The PM and FLOM were ‘ill-advised’.

  8. #9 by sheriff singh on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 2:48 am

    However, the bad advisers were all well rewarded with titles, bonuses, pay rises etc for their bad advice.

    So, be a dunggu and you will be rewarded.

  9. #10 by Jeffrey on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 6:43 am

    So is PKR’s Rafizi Ramli going to ask for Shangri La Hotel’s verification that the Wagyu Beef served to the 36 VIPs in the engagement dinner was of the halal Australian variety grain fed non-stop and not the haram kind raised in Japan’s Kobe/Hyogo region fattened by huge quantities of sake and beer mash and pampered by daily massage???
    On the other NFC controversy, it was alleged that the NFC beef is as expensive as Wagyu Beef. That’s why it is called “Gemas Gold” since it costs RM55,000 per head as compared to Wagyu cattle carcasses in Japan that go for between equivalent RM30,000 to RM60,000 each. For detractors who have yet figured out and are still asking NFC to explain “what do cows and luxurious condominiums have to do with each other?”, they do not obviously grasp the grand master plan of this High Impact Project under the 9th Malaysian Plan for which NFC is charged to develop – our very own elite, purebred Halal Wagyu beef! Gemas Gold is expensive because its derived from nonstop grain fed cattle from Australia and when they are here they are further pampered (not by massage) but by relaxation in luxurious condominiums with their own swimming pools. We can’t let others know this trade secret of producing Malaysian halal Wagyu beef with great export potential to the huge lucrative Middle East market. No Bullsh*t.

  10. #11 by boh-liao on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 6:52 am

    Ah CHEAT Kor just doled out ADVICE fr his stumpy darling PhD char bor

  11. #13 by Bigjoe on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 8:19 am

    Finally all pretense are off. BN is dead. UMNO is going it alone. Its time to send the message especially to Sabah and Sarawak – they are ALL road kill eventually like MCA, MIC and Gerakan already is..

    There is no time to lose. Malaysia is dead. Its now Malayaland or more accurately UMNOputraland. Time to save Malaysia or we ALL finished.

  12. #14 by negarawan on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 8:51 am

    In Malaysia corruption is top driven. If it is all rotten at the bottom of UMNO, imagine what’s going on at the top. Vote UMNO/BN out in the coming GE for the sake of Malaysia’s future!

  13. #15 by k1980 on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 9:15 am

    Then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong drank a glass of NEWater in front of the public to show that it is safe.

    Jibby should take a spoonful of Lynas waste to prove once and for all that it is not radioactive.

  14. #16 by yhsiew on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 10:02 am

    Half a million ringgit public fund to host engagement dinner is also “ill-advised”?

  15. #17 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 10:06 am

    Oh dear, seefouring a tan too was an ill-advised move? Blardy hell, you got the nail on his head k1980!

  16. #18 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 10:07 am

    And oh oh oh the 24m diamond ring.

  17. #19 by dagen wanna "ABU" on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 10:10 am

    But at least mint a maaf was well advised move. For me anyway. I need not pay my saman. I too mint a maaf Sam a those jpj buggers.

  18. #20 by monsterball on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 10:50 am

    A team of idiots giving him lousy advises?
    It is like Three Stooges….the biggest idiot ..blaming others.

  19. #21 by ENDANGERED HORNBILL on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 11:00 am

    Ill-advised! Ill-advised! Ill-advised!

    WHy can’t Najib use his own brains for once.

    Also, when they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and have never got their hands or legs dirty, they will never know what it is like to earn your daily bread. Quite obviously, Najib has a very empty coconut. He should never have started his working life as MB of Pahang. What does an unripe ciku know about ants and pesticides. He should have started as a mandore-lah.

    Still, I think it is not too late for Najib to re-start as a mandore or Jaga Kereta boy. Tell him it’s ok to eat humble pie once in a while.

  20. #22 by good coolie on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 1:29 pm

    If the PM wants to make a sincere apology, he should draw up a list of UMNO wrongdoings, apologising for each and everyone of them. No quibbling Datuk Seri! Apologise on Behalf of the great doctor, too- he won’t do it himself.
    As for the go-along rat parties, we don’t need their apologies: no one should listen to these factory rejects.
    After the GE, with a new Government, we should all take a good shower and start feeling like One-Malaysians again.

  21. #23 by sotong on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 5:20 pm

    If you have corrupt, incompetent and inefficient administration… will not get the right information and advice to make proper decisions.

  22. #24 by cemerlang on Sunday, 11 March 2012 - 10:19 pm

    ya lah. korek. those eunuchs back those times in China and advisors back those ancient times who actually control the kingdom and not the king or the queen and how they made the kingdom fall.

  23. #25 by mickeytiger2006 on Monday, 12 March 2012 - 3:00 pm

    Rotten pm, how to advice?

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