Release Dr Jeyakumar immediatel​y

by P Ramakrishnan
President Aliran
12 July 2011

Aliran is very concerned and troubled over Dr Jeyakumar’s health, which seems to be deteriorating under detention. We learn that he is now in IJN undergoing observation. This is the second time he had to be taken to hospital while under detention. This has happened within a span of two weeks which is really worrying.

The PSM 6 detained under the Emergency Ordinance have been placed in a cruel and unjust situation: they have been falsely accused (first of waging war against the King and now of being a threat to national security), subjected to interrogation and solitary confinement, and denied proper visitation rights with their lawyers. This is totally unacceptable in a civil society.

Kumar is neither a communist nor a violent man to be a serious threat to the country. All those who know Kumar speak highly of his work and commitment to the people. The Home Minister must search his conscience over these blatant lies made against Kumar and his team. It is a terrible injustice to detain persons under false pretences. When a person is falsely accused, what do we make of the accuser? What do we make of a government which continues to detain people under false pretences. Is this what they mean by democracy?

Malaysia sits on the Human Rights Council. The Malaysian government should do justice to its position on this Council by according and recognising the human rights of the PSM 6. The least that the Malaysian government can do is to live up to the ideals of the Human Rights Council – and not violate the very rights that the government has been charged to defend steadfastly.

In view of this obligation, it will be totally unjustified not to charge the PSM 6 in court. The government should and must bring them to court just to prove and convince Malaysians that there is no malice on their part. This move will also provide an opportunity for the detained six to defend themselves in a court of law.

For the record, Kumar and his team of brave people are dedicated Malaysians, genuinely struggling to uplift the forgotten and marginalised poor in our society. They deserve to be treated better than this. We call upon the Barisan Nasional government to release Kumar and his colleagues immediately.

  1. #1 by rahmanwang on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 - 4:51 pm

    Yes Hisapmoddin. Release Dr Jeyakumar now.
    Bersih supporters are no communist.
    BN are all racist.

  2. #2 by isahbiazhar on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 - 5:03 pm

    If anything serious happens to kumar, the government will face the wrath of the total opposition community which will be worse than the Hiliran uprising and the curent Bersih2 which will see many supporters sacrificing their lives.kumar should be released immediately.

  3. #3 by zkif on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 - 5:05 pm

    yes. Dr Jeya must be released. he also must resign from being MP. he done nothing for 3 years here. very disappointed with him. too many politics.

  4. #4 by tak tahan on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 - 10:22 pm

    ????? what say you?ada butut butut baca tak?..misalah media internet tak kira pro BN kah PR kah?dungu!Talk with facts and figures!

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