Ibrahim Ali and a sex-changed Umno

By Sakmongkol AK47
June 21, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider

JUNE 21 — Ibrahim Ali continues to abuse Umno and it stands idle. He continues to belittle Umno every moment he gets and Umno absorbs the punishment willingly. Umno must be led by masochists. Are we enjoying receiving pain and getting sexually aroused at that?

Ibrahim Ali continues to humiliate Umno and all we can do is say, Ibrahim Ali is harmless and he speaks for the unspeaking Malay.

In July, Bersih is organising a mammoth rally to demand our Elections Commission to conduct its business professionally. That means to ensure elections are fair and transparent. The intended rally has drawn some xenophobic response from various groups. None more exceedingly intolerant than the one shown by Perkasa, the organisation headed by one Ibrahim Ali.

If Ibrahim Ali is more Umno than Umno, what has the real Umno become?

Umno has undergone a sex change. Probably in Thailand.

What has Ibrahim Ali done? He is telling the world that he will mobilise a large number of people to confront Bersih’s Rally. He’s even talking about a physical confrontation and that he will be at the forefront ready to shed blood. In his self-induced state of hysteria, he has warned the Chinese community not to get involved raising the spectre of the racial clashes of May 13 1969.

Clearly what Ibrahim Ali is saying is incendiary and seditious. He’s openly talking about bloodshed among the races. That’s willful and intentional desire to kill other people. It’s a murderous threat. Yet the security authorities appear ineffectual to act against Ibrahim Ali.

If the government doesn’t act against Ibrahim Ali it will be seen as an accomplice with Ibrahim Ali in the furtherance of an act or acts of allowing itself to be held at ransom by Ibrahim Ali. If that is not stupidity on our part, what else can it be? What’s happening to Umno? It’s allowing Ibrahim Ali to be its voice? Where is the leadership material?

What kind of material is Umno made of allowing itself to be cuckolded by the incorrigible Ibrahim Ali? Why is Umno applying kid’s gloves on Ibrahim Ali? It must use its knuckle dusters and deal Ibrahim Ali as the law would want to. Quickly.

Ibrahim Ali is not an Umno member and he isn’t a liability to Umno. It’s of no consequence to Umno if Ibrahim Ali is dealt with properly by the laws of Malaysia. Apply ISA or whatever on him. Get him under the sedition laws of this country or whatever.

If the government doesn’t act against Ibrahim Ali, then it cannot but be seen as impotent. People can carry out threats and other transgressions of violent intent and import with impunity and the government stands back.

It’s puzzling why the Police has not acted against Ibrahim Ali for such incendiary and seditious remarks. It is also puzzling how he got a permit to hold such an aggressive rally so quickly from the authorities. Yet the same authorities are showing their lead-weighted feet in issuing a valid permit to the organiSers of Bersih.

As to the barefaced threats to the Chinese community, Ibrahim Ali’s hysteria and Umno’s acquiescence will cause a desertion of Chinese votes. Ibrahim Ali has succeeded where others have failed — To hasten the flight of Chinese votes away from BN. Of course Malay ultras can insist they don’t need Chinese votes to win elections. But then they also forgot, the can’t get the majority of Malay votes.

Let’s see whether Malay support can be re taken by allowing Ibrahim Ali speak brazenly about a re-minted Malay triumphalism. We are allowing Ibrahim Ali to represent the rational and collected Malay voice.

Have we lost our marbles? Ibrahim Ali is a bloody hypocrite. His entire business ventures are done with the Chinese whose blood he is after and the commission of bodily harm he is advocating. His bridge projects were completed and done with Chinese and Chinese money. He was off to Macau last week to meet up with Chinese cukongs.

By keeping quiet and allowing Ibrahim to speak as it were as Umno’s voice, we are showing clearly we have a death wish. Umno stands idly by and therefore guilty of causing its own isolation. Umno will be poorly judged. — sakmongkol.blogspot.com

* Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-2008).

  1. #1 by monsterball on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 - 11:14 pm

    That idiot may not be an UMNO B member but Mahathir the No1 memeber of UMNO b is Perkasa patron.
    As long as Ibrahim Ali can help stir up trouble…he is a hero to UMNO B ministers.
    Najib?….why he is happy……since sex show failed too.
    And now…a survey made showed 99% Malaysians want BERSIH to walk on.
    All Malaysians know that Ibrahim Ali..is making trouble and disturbing the peace…….except Najib..our self proclaimed…People’s PM…who is an unelected PM at all.
    Like Anwar said…these politicians feel no shame at all.

  2. #2 by bruno on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 - 11:44 pm

    Abrahim Ali is standing tall in the Malaysian publics eyes.Tall in a sense that he is able to flaunt his arms,taunt and scream directly into the faces OF PDRM, UMNO and the GOM.The beauty of it is after all this clowning antics of Abrahim Ali he is still able to dance publicly in the city’s streets.

    PDRM,UMNO and GOM is keeping their distance away from this self proclaimed champion of the Malays.It is because of the big stick that this man carries,that scares all his critics and adversaries away.But this hot headed clown with his latest rantings is beginning to irritate and becoming a public nuisance.

    If we do not put this hot headed clown under a leash soon,his personal ego might hit the roof.When a man is not suppossed to be who he is,unpredictable things can happen.He might run loose and caused havoc.Since the PDRM,UMNO and GOM have no jurisdiction over this clown we the public consious and law abiding citizens of this beautiful country have to lent them a hand.We have to ask LKS for his assistance.His courtesy call to invite Dr. Mahathir to participate in the Bersih rally.After this call Abrahim Ali will be a quite,responsible and law abiding citizen.

    p/s datuk sak’s video.the power of words(umno style).

  3. #3 by Bigjoe on Wednesday, 22 June 2011 - 10:49 am

    UMNO B is definitely an altered version of its original. Whether its surgical, chemical, mutation or whatever else, its really have no idea of why it does some of the things it does anymore.

    Right, now UMNO has an opportunity to seize the middle ground, the very basis of its founding, but instead its veering to the right, to the extreme and Bersih apparently is suddenly jolt them to remember where it came from.

    Over the years, the more liberal side of UMNO have continously lose ground to the extreme/ultra side of it. They forget that the reason why the extreme and ultras were never punished by UMNO even since the days of Tunku, was because it had to compete with PAS for the right. Ironically, now PAS had taken the middle ground which should be UMNO original victory but instead its a defeat to UMNO.

    Think about it. What if UMNO decides to take the middle-ground – cut off the likes of Perkasa etc.? It will have also cut off the legs of the nemesis of the original UMNO – PAS. A glorious testament to the Malays to be bigger than anything or anyone.

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