PAS vows to defend Pakatan states

By Aidila Razak | Jun 3, 11

PAS today vowed to use “every ounce of their energy” to defend the four Pakatan Rakyat states from returning to the BN in the next general election.

“Let us all vow to defend Kelantan, Kedah, Selangor and Penang which we have governed together, with every once of our energy; let our sweat soak the earth, with high spirits and through God’s will, we will defend our victory,” said its president Abdul Hadi Awang.

Speaking to about 1,000 people at the opening ceremony of PAS’ muktamar (annual assembly) in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Abdul Hadi said the battle drums for the 13th general election can already be heard.

“We don’t know when it will be but I am hereby instructing the entire PAS machinery to be prepared to face general elections the very minute the muktamar concludes, by opening operation rooms and preparing for strategic activities that will be detailed out by the central election department,” he said.
Abdul Hadi also instructed all divisions to ensure that they have completed at least 70 percent of their programmes and to meet with as many voters as possible.

“All machinery must approach voters with patience…meet personally with them, as our message at ceramahs sometimes only reach our members,” he said.

The seasoned politician also urged the audience not to be disheartened by PAS’ string of defeats in by-elections and the recent Sarawak polls.

“The results did not favour us, but we had succeeded in expanding our reach and have opened more PAS branches.

“Realise that we are victorious even if only one person voted for us, even if we lose our deposit,” he said, quoting a hadith which states that showing one person to Allah’s path is worth more than the most expensive vehicle.

In an earlier speech, PAS secretary general Mustafa Ali said the fact that party polls went on as scheduled despite word of snap polls reflects maturity.

“PAS did not delay our party polls because we were confident that the members are mature enough that there will not be any negative implications feared by other parties,” he said.

He said that, to date, no complaints have been made to the secretariat of infringement in party election rules.

“I am confident this will be the case until the end of the process,” he said.

The youth and women wings held their selection yesterday, while central posts will be decided today.

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