10 Days in May (36)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

TBH RCI Sabarni’s family has cried out “Justice 4Sarbani” just as TBH family had been crying “Justice 4TBH” for 22 mths http://bit.ly/lMG3DL

TBH Sarbani Amirnuddin Kugan latest case 17yr-old MohdJohariAbuBakar shot by police in Dengkil 13May tragic fatal cases put govt in dock

MACC must come clean on TBH death – not 2distract attn abt real culpability by raising host of red herrings inc accusing DAP of TBH murder

Or as 2nd line of fallback position – that TBH committed suicide, even “honour suicide”. Y shld MACC go on such an irresponsible expedition?

TBH RCI must b sincere effort 2establish facts not 4MACC 2indulge in wild fictions n theories. This is no OJSimpson trial 2beat the system!

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