10 Days in May (35)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

DAP-Christian Msia May7 front-page not 1st time Utusan exploited bogey. Its worst example. Y it must be stopped @mpkotabelud does not know?

Pathetic.MCA Ministers still dare not teamup w BN moderates 2demand action agnst Utusan though CSL shouts:MCA will stick 2stand! What stand?

No 2ways abt it.Utusan May7 ChristianMsia bogey height gutter journalism irresponsible seditious treasonous. Yardstick 2measure BN politicos

YB dare u condemn Utusan 4heinous offence instead of retailing lies? @mpkotabelud Prob starts when DAP uses church as political platform.

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