10 Days in May (31)

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Who is Msia’s No1 Hack Journalist? Utusan editor w unrepentant remorseless irresponsible seditious treasonous “ChristianMsia” bogey on 6May

Utusan professsionalism credibility integrity never sunk so low in its 72-yr history which had produced journalistic greats like SaidZahari

No wonder Utusan circulation plunged from 1mil (Sunday) to 169,000 bcos Malays lost confidence in it. It is not a paper 4Malays but 4UMNO!

In national interest 4 Msia 2sasfeguard international competitiveness, action must be taken agnst seditious Utusan “Christian Msia” bogey

If no firm action, Utusan “ChristianMsia” bogey will also drag down credibility integrity professionalism of Police AG Cabinet PM UMNO/BN

  1. #1 by dagen on Wednesday, 25 May 2011 - 1:29 pm

    Utusan is reduced to dirt by umno’s poison. Dont even touch it coz it will soil and corrode your body. And it has nothing but rubbish in it. So there is nothing to read. Best to just bury it in the ground. Well at least it’s toxicity will kill some ants, earthworms, cockroaches, rats and some other pests.

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