Umno must make its mind on DAP’s ‘racism’

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‘Umno has been accusing DAP as a racist party, so now who is racist? While DAP is openly accepting all races, Umno is still practising 1Race politics.’

Umno VP spooked by DAP’s move into Malay territory

Disbeliever: DAP has always maintained itself as a multi-racial party despite there being more non-Malays. The way it is being put, “… (Umno vice-president) Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has exposed a plan by the DAP…” sounds as if the DAP has done something ‘evil’.

Come on Ahmad Zahid, get real. This is a democratic country and the DAP, or any other party for that matter, has a right to put up whoever they want to contest in the general elections. Umno/BN is like a team in a football game about to become sore losers.

Wira: First, Umno attacked DAP for being a chauvinistic Chinese party. Now they attack DAP for appealing to the Malays. Get your brains right, Umno. DAP is not into dividing this country by race.

DAP is an urban party. It is natural that they should reach out to all urbanites, regardless of race.

M’siaKiniFan: Umno has been accusing DAP as a racist party, so now who is racist? While DAP is openly accepting all races into their fold, Umno is still practising 1Race politics, just like the 1Malaysia scam.

As the voters are getting mature, decisions are no longer based on race or religion, it more on transparency and good performance.

Ramachandran Muniandy: Umno should understand that the Malays are not Umno’s sole property. When Umno can bend their laws to take in Chinese and Sino-Kadazans (Christian) in Sabah, why can’t DAP recruit Malays? It is multiracial party.

Even PAS is planning to change its constitution to recruit Indians and Chinese. Perhaps Umno should change. Who knows, you might have an Umno Chinese as Penang CM; that’s what Umno has dreamt for more than 20 years.

Southpaw: Zahid, if you really worth your salt and has been in politics long enough, you would have known that DAP has had experienced in fielding its Malay members in past general elections. Why is it a surprise to you?

Lover Boy: DAP is directly fielding Malay candidate. However, Umno uses their component parties like MCA and Gerakan to put up a multiracial front. Now who is more multiracial?

Anonymous222: Zahid, you should encourage Umno to follow DAP’s example and become a non-racial party instead of trying to stop DAP from becoming a truly multiracial party in Malaysia.

2cts Worth: Zahid’s mentality is antiquated and outdated, and has a mindset set as hard as cement. It is difficult to change these dinosaurs in government – Malaysia will regress in every which way to become a failed third world nation.

Faz: We know that, from time immemorial, the Malays were not blessed with good leaders, but Ahmad Zahid is joining the elite of spoofs thrown into our midst, who are mere clowns imitating the intellectual thinkers.

Ahmad Zahid, there a world of difference between a knowledgeable intellectual and a person who happens to hold a PhD. He is not going to grow up as Umno thinks it is the centre of the world.

The only remedy to change them is for Umno to lose a general election. Let us go for it. It is not the end of the world for us, especially the Malays, but just may be the end of Umno, since there will be mass desertions when the gravy trains are stopped.

People Power: Umno used clowns like S Nallakaruppan, RS Thanenthiran and the latest N Gobalakrishnan to split the Indians and sell them out. Umno has been using Indians without the knowledge and consent of MIC – so Umno boleh, DAP tak boleh kah?

ForTheNation: If DAP is open enough to accept Malays and other races in their party, isn’t this good for 1Malaysia?

DAP: Sugar price hiked to boost Felda profits

BTN Barang Naik: This is the consequence of voting for Umno and its useless lackeys. They will find whatever way possible to make money not for the benefit of the rakyat but for themselves. You choose them, so don’t complain thereafter.

Onyourtoes: Consider this – when Robert Kuok was in control of MSM, the price of sugar was not allowed to increase easily, yet he was able to continue to do business and make a profit. The moment MSM was taken over, the price was allowed to increase sharply which burdened everybody, including the Malays.

Can you see now it was never about race? It is self-interest, the good life and the gravy train that Umno, together with its cohorts, have been enjoying all these years at the expense of 28 million Malaysians.

Keturunan Malaysia: If what DAP said is true, then the general election is indeed fast approaching and they need plenty of money quick because their coffer is dry. They surely must have taken a calculated risk to raise prices of fuel and essential items with all the side effects well included.

With very few options in hand, they take the easiest and well-tested way out, a ‘buy election’ with “you help me and I help you”. Which better place to apply this than in Felda where they are banking most of the hope on to secure large chunks of sweet votes. So, it is down to by hook or by crook indeed.

Ketuanan Rakyat: Umnoputras need the people’s money to buy the people’s votes in coming general election. Let us make all Malaysians realise that Umnoputras are using our money to pay us for our votes.

Anwar: Power tariff should go down, not up

Keturunan Malaysia: I just got this in my mail box:

Malaysia’s petrol price: RM2.90 per litre, Malaysia ranks 27th in world’s oil production.
Egypt’s price: RM1.06, ranks 29
Oman’s price: RM1.00, ranks 28
Qatar’s price: RM0.75, ranks 22
Iran’s price: RM0.35, ranks 8

Rakyat didahulukan, kekayaan Umno dikekalkan (People first, Umno enriched now)

Loyal Malaysian: Thank you Anwar, for giving us a good basis for comparison of our electricity tariff rates. Of course, the Umnoputras are not interested, it is their cronies who are bleeding the rakyat with the exorbitant rates through the IPPs.

Mohd Zaini Husin: Everyone is unhappy in Malaysia. Lately even the teachers were seen to be disappointed. They were promised ‘berita baik’ (good news) by Utusan Malaysia and later learned that only the school administration was being rewarded.

Many are now saying that they may vote the opposition as Pakatan Rakyat had promised every teacher RM500 should they win. I think they are convinced.

Righteous: Let everything go up for the BN to fill up their war chest. We will make sure the only thing that comes down will be Umno. Wasalam.

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    Just let UmnoBputras open their garbage mouths n show us what fools they r

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