10 days in May (30)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

TBH RCI – Is AbuKassim conscious MACC in dock/on trial n public judgment on MACC definitive final unless RCI rpt satisfactory acceptable?

Has AbuKassim conducted thorough inquiry Y MACC officers involved in elaborate conspiracy coverup lies in “blackblog” inquest RCI TBH death?

Which officers conducted such MACC inquiry? Is AbuKassim prepared 2make public the inquiry findings? If not, Y not? Will AbuK testify @RCI?

Did AbuKassim or MACC gave official approval 2Shafie 2make outrageous suggestion @ RCI that TBH committed “honour suicide” 2protect DAP?

After Sarbani’s death, 2nd fatal MACC fall-from-height case, MACC ordered all interrogations 2b done on ground floor only. Is this done?

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