10 days in May (29)

Tweets @limkitsiang:-

Rapture Day – or End of the World- on May 21, 2011 at 6 pm NEVER came. So ridiculous/silly. Reminds me of Utusan’s “Christian Msia” bogey!

But Rapture rigmarole only affect individuals while Utusan’s “ChristianMsia” cld forment strife/bloodshed if ppl really believed it: a crime

Will Cabinet tmr end silence 2finally take stand agnst seditious/treasonous Utusan “ChrstnMsia” bogey/supprt Najib’s GMoM call/endorse MMoM?

Will Cabinet tmr censure AhmadZahid 4being disgrace 2Najib’s 1Malaysia/GMoM 4outrageous scare attack on DAP 4reaching out 2more Malays?

Zahid like Muhyiddin anthr Minister in Najib Cabinet agnst 1Msia/GMoM. Let all mode5ate BN Ministers declare publicly they r x extremists!

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