Defend the truth, not Utusan Malaysia

May 21, 11

‘They must defend Utusan at all costs as it is an Umno launch pad to attack its opponents both in and outside the party.’

Protesters issue call: ‘Defend Utusan at all costs’

David Dass: Why the need for these fierce demonstrations? Why are these people behaving as if they are under siege? Who are they trying to intimidate?

No one is demanding closure of the Utusan Malaysia. No one is questioning the rights of the Muslims. No one is questioning the place of Islam as the religion of the federation.

The complaint by many is that the editors of Utusan acted irresponsibly by publishing unsubstantiated allegations of a provocative and inflammatory nature, which if believed could cause tension between Muslims and Christians.

Is it wrong to complain when someone does something that is clearly wrong? Are these groups defending Utusan despite its wrongdoing?

Are the rights of non-Muslims going to be subject to the dictates of the mob? Are non-Muslims, as taxpaying citizens of this country, also not entitled to protection?

Swipenter: For printing lies, false reporting and spreading disharmony amongs the different races these protestors are willing to “defend Utusan at all costs”. Imagine what would they do if Utusan’s articles are unbiased, truthful, factual and written without fear or favour.

Vaporise all the critics of Utusan with WMD?

BTN: With such a mentality, Perkasa and Umno might just as well drop dead. When that happens the Malays can lift their head up high and be recognised for what they have achieved rather be associated with ‘sampah masyarakat’ like this bunch of morons.

They shout and claim that they are willing to die for Utusan Malaysia but when chaos does happen, they will turn tail and run like cowards.

If all this time and energy is used correctly, the Malays would have been so maju (progress) that they won’t need to make a fool of themselves like this.

Anakmami: Umno, Utusan and Perkasa have turned Malaysia into a pariah state. Trust me this is just another sandiwara to make the masses forget about the bigger issues at hand. We should let them be… Utusan is facing a slow death.

Only morons read that paper and the rest of our mainstream dailies. Now malulah to tell anyone that I’m a Malaysian. It’s amazing how placid we Malaysians taxpayers are.

That is why such dramas becoming more rampant. We let all these zero IQ goons run amok.

Cannon: People can now see that the mischief of Utusan and Perkasa are Umno-sponsored. It is no longer a secret that Umno has been trying to hide. Umno goons are out in the open to join Perkasa thugs to ‘protect’ Utusan.

These Umno goons can break the law with impunity. They can stick their lawlessness – ‘norm’ – up the face of Malaysians, with the law enforcement authority standing aside doing nothing.

So, what has changed after GE12? Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia unity and his ‘transformation’ plan have proven to be one bright shining lie. Umno is as arrogant, defiant and unjust as ever.

The BN coalition parties are as clueless, powerless and helpless, completely subjugated by and subservient to Umno. This is the BN the electorate have to see as we enter GE13.

Abil: What kind of perversity is this? They wrote an incorrect article, fanned racial and seditious sentiments and this sick nation wants to defend them? Why do they want to defend what is blatantly wrong?

Ttloo: Umno Malays must defend Utusan at all costs since it is an Umno launch pad to attack its opponents both in and outside the party.

In the era of the Internet, no media can ward off criticism. As such, no wall can protect Utusan. Only the Malays who speak the truth can.

Patriot: This is a group led by a bunch of frustrated, disgruntled, washed-out leaders who have lost all political relevance, just to create some racket.

They are an insignificant minority who if left to their own fanatical screaming, none of which makes any sense or logic, will eventually fade away into the darkness.

The newspaper that tries to regain its once respectable readership level by playing to this kind of dirty and unauthenticated reports will not only face the same fate but will most positively, serve as a catalyst for a change in government in the not-to-distant future.

Do not waste your time and energy pouring out anger or disgust, just let them destroy their malignant selves.

Goliath: What mentality is this? Protesting something that is still pending investigation (almost likely to be untrue).

What do they get out of it? Nothing, except causing more disunity which I believe is against the principle of 1Malaysia.

PM, how do you expect your 1Malaysia concept to be successful when your own people are behaving otherwise. There got to be a better way to solve this ‘Christian nation’ crisis.

Malaysian Born: This is just a bunch of riff-raff out to get some headlines. The fact is that Utusan is nothing more than a party paper that has now lost all credibility and readership.

I would not be surprised that the only time they get any papers sold are when they stir up some nonsense or say something incendiary and racial.

Its survival is based on the largess of Umno and has nothing to do with readership as even the Malays are sick and ashamed of them.

There was a time when preaching racial hatred and instigating violence could have worked. Frankly, other than embarrassing their race, they are nothing more than a caricature to be ignored.

Labu: “Utusan Malaysia is the official voice of the Malays…,” kata mereka. Ini tak betul. Yang betulnya Utusan Malaysia “is the official voice of the Umno Malays.”

Sebab itu Utusan sudah tidak laku lagi sekarang. Ramai orang Melayu tidak mahu lagi ikut kepala gila Utusan.

Singa Pura Pura: There is only one word to describe those who would defend Utusan Malaysia or Perkasa with their lives. And it is a basic Malay word: bodoh.

How on Allah’s earth did Utusan or Perkasa come to be equated with Malay? Just because they claim or purport to defend that which they would have the Malays believe are Malay rights?

Utusan and Perkasa are the mindless minions of Umno. Umno is the feudal machine that preys on the weakness of the Malays so that its leaders can continue to be feudal kings in the land of the Malays.

Boonpou: Where are the moderate Malays? Where are the educated Malays? Why are you not speaking up against such hooligans and idiots who allegedly represent you? Please, you need to speak up. You need to tell these morons they don’t represent you.

Ashvin Raj: Umno is giving opium to these people to protest over a non-existent issue.

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  1. #1 by lee wee tak_ on Saturday, 21 May 2011 - 4:33 pm

    if the avid defeners are so devoted, they should take their charade of embarrassment to the ministry who issued the letter of warning to utusan and raise the nuisance there.

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